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Creation Lightship Healing.

Be Here NOW! Healing
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Divine Heart Based Healings

This special healing is to bring the Body and Spirit to the Present Moment!

For a complete whole lifetime healing that will bring the Body and Spirit to the Present Moment, please do the Set Sequence Timing Body Clearing and/or the Parallel Lifetime Clearings. These healings work for each year of your life.

You can use the special 'Be Here Now!' Healing for free. However, donations are greatly appreciated! They help keep this website up so everyone on this planet can receive healings! Donate

The 'Be Here Now!' Healing Session consists of three steps of 10 minutes each and totally it takes about 30 minutes minimum. If you feel that you may need additional healing, please repeat it until you feel at peace. You are allowed to pause your 'Be Here Now!' Healing. When the 'Be Here Now!' Healing finishes, you will be informed with an alert box. The Creation Lightship Insignia picture will be provided for you when you start the 'Be Here Now!' Healing. During your specialized healing you may watch the Insignia picture and connect with your heart during the session.

If you do the healing for someone else, they do not have to know about it because their spirit will always accept healing from the Creation Lightship no matter what.

If your Internet connection goes offline before the healing starts or during the healing, you can still continue the healing (allow the timer to countdown if it has already started, or start the healing and allow the timer to countdown) - the healing will still work and the Light Beings will be with you throughout the healing.

Note that you will not be taken aboard the Creation Lightship during these healings. The Light Beings from the Creation Lightship will connect with you where you are to perform the healing work with you, with your loved ones, plants, or pets.

Be Here NOW! Healing
Donations are greatly appreciated! They help keep this
website up so everyone on this planet can receive healings!

Healing Requested for:

Step 1 -

Body Retrieval

Step 2 -
Spirit Retrieval

Step 3 -
Spirit Light Infusion


The picture will be activated during the healing; if you like, you can watch and connect with the Light Being during the healing.

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With your powerful energy, my 93 year old uncle, who had a heart attack and then came down with pneumonia, was quickly and miraculously healed. I have no question that without your healing he may not have recovered, he was too old and too fragile - but you saved him. We are all looking foreword to his Birthday this month. He will be 93. Sincerely ~ D.A. (Santa Rosa, CA.)
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