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Special 8-Hour Healing Intensive Conference Calls on November 12, 19 and 26.
Monthly 4-Hour Ascension Preparation Call on November 18, 2017.
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Weekly Tuesday Calls - Cording Removal Special
Weekly Wednesday Calls - Divine Water Activation and Healing Sessions
Weekly Thursday Calls - Clone Body Removal Special
Weekly Friday Calls - Entity Removal Special
Saturday November 18, 2017 Fact: the light only works in the now.
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NOTE: No one requires ALL the Healings listed here.
We ask that the Emotional Body Clearing be performed first,
then the Death Barcode Removal.
After those two are performed,
find any other clearing shown below that you feel you need.

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Item for Sale Price per Unit
Alien Attacks, Shape-Shifters... etc Removal-for One Month $30.00 MONTH
Alien Baptism Barcode Clearing $50.00 EACH
Alien Blood Barcode Removal $100.00 EACH
Alien Energetic Slime Body Coat Removal $100.00 EACH
Alien Energetic Web Coat Removal and Oxygen Infusion $100.00 EACH
Alien Freedom Bundle $150.00 EACH
Alien Parallel Life Time Removal $100.00 EACH
Alien Poison, Waste Product & Carcass Removal
-One Month Usage-
$100.00 MONTH
Anger Body Clearing $5.00 YEAR
Anger Body Clearing -
Generations (1 to 7)
$100.00 EACH
Anger Body Clearing -
Generations (15 to 21)
$50.00 EACH
Anger Body Clearing -
Generations (22 to 28)
$50.00 EACH
Anger Body Clearing -
Generations (29 to 35)
$50.00 EACH
Anger Body Clearing -
Generations (36 to 42)
$50.00 EACH
Anger Body Clearing -
Generations (43 to 49)
$50.00 EACH
Anger Body Clearing -
Generations (8 to 14)
$50.00 EACH
Anxiety Body Clearing $5.00 YEAR
Anxiety Body Clearing -
Generations (1 to 7)
$100.00 EACH
Anxiety Body Clearing -
Generations (15 to 21)
$50.00 EACH
Anxiety Body Clearing -
Generations (22 to 28)
$50.00 EACH

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Ron Amitron lecture from February 12, 2011
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Creation Lightship Quotes

I want to thank you for a profound experience at the New Living Expo in San Francisco. After the light infusion chamber sessions, I experienced a shift in my sight, everything appeared to be brighter and I felt lighter and happier! The emotional healing was also very powerful and I was left with a feeling of peace and calm. ~ Lori (New Living Expo)
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