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Creation Lightship Healing.

2000 Year Darkness Barcode Removal
A heart.
Divine Heart Based Healings

We are living with a barcode created to generate within us a fear of the Light. This barcode was attached to humanity at the time of Jesus, the last time the Creation Lightship was active here on Earth for an Ascension opportunity. Reactions that this barcode can create include fear of the Light, misconceptions about the Light and perhaps mental images of people being destroyed by the Light.

Removal of this barcode will dissolve any fear of the Light and may also enable you to see more and to have a greater understanding of the Light.

If you do the healing for someone else, they do not have to know about it because their spirit will always accept healing from the Creation Lightship no matter what.

If your Internet connection goes offline before the healing starts or during the healing, you can still continue the healing (allow the timer to countdown if it has already started, or start the healing and allow the timer to countdown) - the healing will still work and the Light Beings will be with you throughout the healing.

Note that you will not be taken aboard the Creation Lightship during these healings. The Light Beings from the Creation Lightship will connect with you where you are to perform the healing work with you, with your loved ones, plants, or pets.

2000 Year Darkness Barcode Removal
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Step 1 -

2100 AD to 2000 AD

Step 2 -
2000 AD to 1900 AD

Step 3 -
1900 AD to 1800 AD

Step 4 -
1800 AD to 1700 AD

Step 5 -
1700 AD to 1600 AD

Step 6 -
1600 AD to 1500 AD

Step 7 -
1500 AD to 1400AD

Step 8 -
1400 AD to 1300 AD

Step 9 -
1300 AD to 1200AD

Step 10 -
1200 AD to 1100 AD

Step 11 -
1100 AD to 1000 AD

Step 12 -
1000 AD to 900 AD

Step 13 -
900 AD to 800 AD

Step 14 -
800 AD to 700 AD

Step 15 -
700 AD to 600 AD

Step 16 -
600 AD to 500 AD

Step 17 -
500 AD to 400 AD

Step 18 -
400 AD to 300 AD

Step 19 -
300 AD to 200 AD

Step 20 -
200 AD to 100 AD

Step 21 -
100 AD to 0

Step 22 -
Spirit Integration

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If you want, watch and connect with the picture during the healing; the picture will be activated during the healing.

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Hi Ron, I just want to let you know that I had very rough skin before I went to CLS (8/18) and now it's very smooth and soft like a baby's skin. ~ D.K.
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