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The Creation Lightship
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Pure Divine Light Energy from the Source that Created You


Timeline Crash - One Week

Description:  If you would like the Month long Timeline Crash, please click here.

In the creation of Light, existence is experienced In-the-Moment, In-the Now. There is no time, and all is peaceful. However, eons ago portions of our Universe were invaded by a separate creation, one of Darkness. Along with the Dark creation came the alien races; who brought with them the reality of time. As they lack spirit energy in themselves, they found our spirit and body to be a desirable energy source and have developed many ways to feed off us.

Enormous amounts of timelines now exist onto which our spirit and our bodies are both abducted and used by these alien races. You may be abducted onto alien artificial intelligence planets, and be replaced with a manufactured cloned body representation - a clone identical to you. Forced to live parallel lives in cloned bodies, our spirit tends to have to move back and forth between these, and thus causing many more challenges and conditions against our free will.

At night we experience these travels as dreams, and while awake we are usually unaware of the change between timelines. On these timelines, they can force your spirit into a cloned body and have your body living somewhere else on another timeline - or you can be a clone here or be living in many other life times, or a combination of both.

There are basically 3 possibilities:

  • 1. The aliens can abduct your spirit on a timeline
  • 2. The aliens can abduct your body on a timeline, and have your body living on another timeline
  • 3. Or a combination of the two on one or multiple timelines.
  • This timeline crashing is to release you from the parallel life times that the aliens abduct you onto for their experimentation. By removing a timeline, you remove the clone, and your spirit fragment that had left you is returned back to you. This clearing will also benefit everybody else who is living, either in a body or as a clone, on that specific timeline.

    This clearing is to be done for any personal issue you have; physical challenges and conditions, emotional, mental etc. It works very well with the intensives that clear out life forms that already inhabit the body. When you have had your spirit bar code removed as well, this clearing is much more effective. This clearing may also be done for your residence, place of work or car. You cannot, however, do this clearing for large areas like malls or freeways, or for another person. This powerful clearing is just for what is stated here; your own personal issues, and not for clearing planets, ships, alien races or anything like that.

    After you finish a timeline crash, you may sense the effects throughout the day, experiencing physical sensations, as the clone of you is being brought back and forth throughout these timelines. Relax during the clearing process and, if you wish, take a shower during or after the clearing. If you look outside, you might also notice clouds breaking up, more blue skies and changing skies.

    Once on the clearing page you need to type in your name. In a drop down box below you will choose the first time line - 01. Below that if you have an issue, residence, work place or car to clear you will enter that ( the aliens need a venue, emotional situation or a location to abduct you). Past, present and future boxes are checked automatically, so that you may do them all to speed up the process; however there might be some of you who would like to do them individually, in order to investigate each individual clearing separately within a major timeline crash.

    The clearing takes a minimum of 15 minutes per timeline crash. Regarding the first 3 steps on the healing page: Within Timelines there exist hidden areas where alien races have attached their energies. These portions can be just milliseconds in length and in order to find and remove them the Timeline must be stretched out. This portion of the Timeline Crash Clearing may make you dizzy.

    Once these steps are complete you may go back to start on the second time line. We only listed 20 but you may choose to do more. After the timeline is crashed then your physical body should be here on Earth. This will remove one particular timeline at a time, which is connected to your issue.

      - How many timelines do I need to clear?

    There is no way to know how many timelines you are connected to on any given issue. Continue clearing it until you feel a sense of peace. You may wish to re visit an issue in a week or so to see if any other alien timelines are now present.

    This clearing is designed for you to regain more of your own power and control and become peaceful. Two recommended clearings to augment this process is the spirit bar code removal and the body rejuvenation intensives.

    Price:   $20.00 per WEEK

    Full Name: (For whom you require clearing)
    Total:       $
    Please check your confirmation e-mail from buy@creationlightship.com
    after Paypal payment for Username and Password
    to login for this clearing.

    Disclaimer: We make no medical or health claims
    regarding the use of this Clearing.
    If you have a medical condition, please see your physician.
    Use of this Clearing is for
    the purpose of Ascension Preparation only.
    The Clearing process may not be detectable
    by current Earth-based equipment and technology.

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