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Online, In-Person, & Phone Appointments

The Time Has Come to Receive The Ultimate Healing

Divine Heart Based Healing

Light Being.
The Divine Light Beings
From the Creation Lightship

Will gently clear away
densities that have been holding you back. They release
blockages within minutes that would require decades of Earthly processing!


Clearing these Invisible Bodies Is the Key to Personal Wellness


Our invisible energetic bodies function like a sponge. They absorb negative energies that would otherwise harm our physical body. When these bodies become overloaded, the negative energies then transfer directly into our physical body’s energetic system. This greatly influences our thoughts, actions, health, and emotional well-being.

The Creation Lightship Clearings, gently release these stored negative energies from your body. These specialized in-depth clearings are performed by the CLS Divine Light Beings. It takes one hour (approx.) to completely clear one of these energetic bodies of all its accumulated negative energy residing within you. Renew yourself now!

Creation Lightship Insignia.

The Creation Lightship offers various healing sessions according to your specific needs. We recommend you begin with the Emotional Body Clearing Session. After having this clearing you can then evaluate which clearing you would like to have next to release more densities. The sessions under initial empowerment sessions are highly recommended.

Most of these healing have come forth through the request of people who needed the densities released in these specific energetic bodies. If you would like a healing that is not listed, you may request it to be performed in a (CLS) Special Clearing Session.

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Hi Ron, I just want to let you know that I had very rough skin before I went to CLS (8/18) and now it's very smooth and soft like a baby's skin. ~ D.K.
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