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Special 8-Hour Healing Intensive Conference Calls on November 12, 19 and 26.
Monthly 4-Hour Ascension Preparation Call on November 18, 2017.
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Weekly Tuesday Calls - Cording Removal Special
Weekly Wednesday Calls - Divine Water Activation and Healing Sessions
Weekly Thursday Calls - Clone Body Removal Special
Weekly Friday Calls - Entity Removal Special
Monday November 20, 2017 Fact: the light only works in the now.
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Online & Active 24/7!

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Spread the Word

Corrugated Signs | Facebook | Other

If you would like to spread the word about us, you are more than welcome to do so.

Whether it is through the TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, the internet, etc... all ideas are welcomed!

If you can get Ron Amitron his own TV show, radio show, movie, etc, or an interview with any media networks out there, please email us!

Here are two ways to spread the word:
  • Add Ron's website to your email signature.
  • Ask people to visit Ron's website in your answering machine and voice mail messages.

If you are asked about the Creation Lightship radio show, you could share:
I am listening to a wonderful spiritual healing internet radio program. It is non-denominational and has a lot of spiritual truth about Jesus’ life and why he came to help out humanity. It also talks about my soul/spirit. After listening to it, I always feel better. It helps me stay balanced and calms me down. This radio program has many sample healing and the healing work wonderfully on the shows archives. The website is called CreationLightship.com, and the information on it is all about spiritual reality. The word Lightship is actually divine creation light energy and it has nothing to do with UFO landings/sightings, and bad extraterrestrials or aliens that abduct people. The website talks about divine healing, living and communicating with your spirit, and the focus/theme is what Jesus was teaching 2000 years ago.

Corrugated Signs
Below is a picture of a corrugated yard sign someone made to promote Ron and the Creation Lightship.
A corrugated yard sign.
They used the following document to create the sign: .doc | .docx | .pdf
The document's page size is 18 inches by 22 inches (18" width by 22" height).
You are more than welcome to use and/or modify the document in order to create your own sign.
We recommend activating your signs before posting them for the public to see. If you are not sure what to ask for, just ask the Light Beings to do what they think is best.

Facebook (official profile)
Below is a suggestion provided by someone on how you can inform others about Ron and the Creation Lightship.

You can prioritize Facebook friends that show up in the left hand column of your Facebook page. This means that if you have more than 6 friends (which is the default setting), you can set one or more friends to always show up when someone looks at your page, instead of rotating through your whole list of friends. I view this as a way for the curious to be introduced to the Creation Lightship with no effort or words exchanged.
  1. After logging in, click on your profile tab.
  2. You will see your Facebook friends listed in the left-hand column - default is to show 6 friends, I believe.
  3. There is a little diagonal pencil shape on the same line which "Friends" is written.
  4. Left click on this pencil and another box will open.
  5. Look for the input box under "Always show these friends:"
  6. In the input box, type in Creation Lightship and any other friend you would like to prioritize and save changes.
Facebook idea.

Here are some other ideas:
  1. Notify others live using Twitter, Facebook, etc.. whenever Ron's radio shows, conference calls, and other events are occurring.

Radio Shows
BBS Radio Show - Creation Lightship Healing
Radio CTR - Creation Lightship Healing
Radio show Insignia Radio show Lightbeing

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Questions and Answers

Creation Lightship Questions and Answers Document.
and listen to our Q&A calls.


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Ron Amitron lecture from February 12, 2011
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Creation Lightship Quotes

With your powerful energy, my 93 year old uncle, who had a heart attack and then came down with pneumonia, was quickly and miraculously healed. I have no question that without your healing he may not have recovered, he was too old and too fragile - but you saved him. We are all looking foreword to his Birthday this month. He will be 93. Sincerely ~ D.A. (Santa Rosa, CA.)
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