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Sample clearings, healings and energies:

Oxygens including silver brought through; mind to heart drop; feet, toes, calves, knees and hips healed; ankle chakras openned; entities removed; pain released from hip joint; bladder; kidneys; liver; snake energy removed; entities removed, lower and middle of back; emotional, fear and anger body clearing; lungs healed with oxygen and alien critters removed; trauma body clearing; black widow energy, poisons, waste products and dead carcuses released; being overweight genetic programming released; alien critters to make you overweight; skin on face healing; gum and teeth clearing; circulatory clearing; skin damage, blemishes for face healings;pain in legs/varicose veins release; entities taken from legs; fatigue in legs removed; blood flow in legs and lymphatic system; peace energy brought through; white light energy; mental body clearing; abandonment clearing.

Creationlightship: not for the archives

Ron takes live listeners to the lightship for healings.

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