Ask1 Radio Show October 28, 2009

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Sample clearings, healings and energies:

Mind to heart drop; sample grid line energy clearing; emotional and feeling body clearing 21 days to today; heart ache clearing 21 days to today; entity release and spirit brought back in; smoking entities released.

Topics discussed:

What you have been created from; discussed god energies as being sourced from alien energies; explained how you have been controlled to live somewhere on the planet - the energetic cording of the grid lines ; natal chart - mind control; discussed genetics, DNA and living the past; connecting with your spirit; how relationships relate to energy; how you can only give away the love you have for yourself; if you have a want what that is telling you; explained the command to be in this moment right now; described parrallel life experiences and clones; how Ron only reads current body energy rather than the future or past; why entities of deceased persons enter you; why entities should be released from your body and how your spirit comes back in.

Website discussed:

Grid line clearing; seven generational clearing (including poverty clearing); emotional clearing; heartache clearing.

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