BBS Radio Show April 11, 2011

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Sample clearings, healings and energies:

Clearing of the number 4 and 11 as in April 11,2011; out of time in the time based reality performed; non gender light beings brought through; robotic clearing - knees and ankles; robotic program meant to take you away from the beginning of the BBS show; implants taken from neck; moon cord clearing performed; mind loop 1 clearing; disconnect of DNA embedded.

Topics discussed:

Robotic programming and seeing numbers like 11:11; when astronomers view a star, what do they see; were niporuins darkside or light once; WWII soldiers, future timelines;are people living in the timelines of the past; timelines that loop into the future; what does Ron do on the lightship; animals, spirits of light beings; birth marks - spiritual blue prints DNA, past lives, spirit not completely healed by light of darkness or a hitchhiker; body imprinting in this lifetime; if something that gets started eg. physical, is it harder to get rid of, imprints on DNA physically; should you understand how and why you have a problem or just deal with the problem; the creationlightship and the military.

Website discussed:

Natal chart; planet and stars clearing; mind loop one clearing; spirit infusion clearing.

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