BBS Radio Show April 30, 2010

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Healings and Releases:

Sample clearing of emotional, trauma, mental, pain bodies completed. Magnetic and 'twisted' bodies realligned (untwisted by 100 degrees). Entities were brought to the light.

Peace energy was brought through.

Topics Discussed:

The light does not judge it's creations; you must request particular healings; magnetic bodies store our negative situations; magnetic bodies get twisted by the darkside to steal more energy from you; to prevent more healing and keep you out of the now; why we should just relax and sit still when taking the healings; why we don't heal generally; that body hoppers can look through your eyes, affect our performance and hurt us.

Planet/Star Attack Removal; how the CLS finds out what is needed by humanity in order to heal and go back to the Light.


Chris experiencing the magnetic allignment clearing - a 'reunion', an 'unravelling', 'a spiritual bridge between islands'.


The healings are provided because people have approached Ron; you may not need all the healings.

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