BBS Radio Show April 5, 2010

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Sample clearings, healings and energies:

Emotional, feeling, pain, mental, sensory body clearings performed; abandonment and heart ache clearings performed; be here now clearing; earth entities cleared; shape shifters removed; spirit infusion performed; darkside practitioner clearing performed on chakras.

Topics discussed:

New York people taken out of time; darkness and light universes; what the light does not do; symbols, alphabet; why you do not heal; judgment, duality and the darkness; how the clearings work through Ron; dark mind clearing; the jellyfish energy - why you have dreams; will you experience every thought of your ancestors if you lived long enough; what could stiff joints mean; does Ron's body need to be attuned before he can do a new clearing; what is the soul or spirit; what is the difference between you and the masters that walked the earth; why the word soul is used by the darkside; if you link or pray for someone who is unwell what do you bring back to yourself; awakening energies dormant in you; if you hear of something are you connected to it; how to love cancer out of you.

Website discussed:

Natal barcode clearing; circulatory clearing; mind matrix barcode removal; alien attack removals; 2012 barcode removal; auric protection.

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