BBS Radio Show August 6, 2010

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Sample clearings, healings and energies:

Mind to heart drop; anger body clearing 3am to 6am, 9am to 12pm; 12pm to 3pm; frustration body cleared; chakra cording release; psychic attack energy release; feeling and sensory body cleared; psychic attack above and below the waist; pain in a select body completed; gunshot wounds for the astral body in the head, neck, torso; drowning on the astral plane; image of knight in armour and torture devices release; removing the program that allows a recurring dream come forward; remove arrows from the astral plane cleared; strike from lighning; loud noises chains and torture on the astral plane; neck severed; orb clearing off the skin; being chased by males, females, dogs and spaceship on the astral plane; darkness to light clearing; emotional body clearing; be hear now clearing; people screaming in your dreams.

Topics discussed:

If someone dies before you does your spirit also die at all; do you cord the dead person; is the subconscious the mind of the body.

Website discussed:

Emotional whole of life time clearing.

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