BBS Radio Show February 20, 2010

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Sample clearings, healings and energies:

Mind to heart drop performed; peace energy brought through.

Creationlightship: not for the archives

Ron takes listeners out of time onto the lightship for healings.

Topics discussed:

Can you rely on your mind when reflecting on healings; are sins stored inside you; DNA and judgment; why did Jesus come to earth; what is the thing we need to do to ascend; do you need to remove your ancestor's stuff; can your spirit do these clearings by itself; cellular memory and trapped judgment energy; why does the darkside not want you to live too long; can you get this in a book; energy, praying and where that energy goes; do you need to go to your heart center; can you make a judgment there; can you communicate in your heart with source energy; can your thoughts be with your spirit; is there any heirarchy in source energy; is their a higher self of you; Jesus - 'Our Father who art in heaven' - what does that mean; do all the lightship clearings clear out your DNA and putting more light in you; should you do unlimited clearings.

Website discussed:

Conference calls accessible through the website; emotional life time clearing; alien death barcode clearing, natal barcode clearing.

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