BBS Radio Show February 23, 2011

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Sample clearings, healings and energies:

Mind to heart drop performed;emotional,feeling,trauma,sensory,empathic,mental bodies released and turned off; space holder energies placed in the body to experience 100% spirit energy; 5 time line crashes - headaches

Topics discussed:

Are you being controlled; being heart centered; how does Ron put space holders in you, removing your bodies of protection in the course of this show; emotions, disease and death - the link; if you did not have emotions would the aliens want you; what the bodies turned off are meant to do; remote viewing and time line crashings; why is the space time crash more emotional; how many time lines could you have been on; how many people can one time line crash save; timeline crash for head aches; do you need to do life time clearings after a whole life time clearing

Website discussed:

Time line crashing and space time crashing; seven generational clearings,whole life time clearings

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