BBS Radio Show January 13, 2010

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Sample clearings, healings and energies:

Peace energy brought through; emotional and trauma body clearing; earth entities and alien entities - shape shifters released; EMF clearing performed.

Topics discussed:

Traumas to the earth and the earth spirit; collective consciousness; should you attempt to connect to the earth's traumas; alien lifeforms and physical effects; autism, genetics and alien parasites; medication levels and water charging; medication and alien energy attached; 5 energies of Chinese medicine; Reiki energy, is it dark energy; symbols and energy transmissions; does the light use symbols; does the darkside connect to you by symbols; can your spirit empower another person's spirit to know of the light; use of entities by the darkside to interface their energy - eg ants.

Website discussed:

Body rejuvenation; odd harmonic frequencies; whole of life emotional body and mental body clearing, seven generational clearing; space clearing.

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