BBS Radio Show Januray 1, 2010

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Clearings and Releases:

Emotional; mental; Heart drop; Shape shifters; Dark side entities; Feeling body; trauma; Entity (for woman with itchy arm); energies released back to 1000 A.D. then 1200A.D.; Alien octopus energies; Moon, Mercury, Mars and Pluto energies released.

Topics discussed:

Radio show format described; CLS explanation including 2005; seeding 2010 intentions from Earth Spirit; Mind energy/Time/Universal Time/ Akashic Records; natal chart; the moon; being in your heart; absentee conference call participation; Jesus; Body and Spirit Ascension; channeling; Dark Side Beings; recycling the thoughts of ancestors; emotional clearing process; healing physical problems; century clearing; healing from Dark Side vs. Light; parallel lives clearing; Avatar movie and the movie 9; SciFi writers; alien attacks; Dark Side attacks while watching movies and recommended clearings; psychic readings; reincarnation; freeway driving abductions.

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