BBS Radio Show July 2, 2010

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Sample clearings, healings and energies:

Emotional,feeling,pain,anxiety,trauma body clearings; mind of the body clearing; mind to heart drop performed; light being energised with peace and healing energy; robotic energy the last day removed for the throat the past,the present and future; robotic stomach energy removed; back up plan programme of the show clearing of interference; alien body parts clearing; orange and rainbow energy brought through; peace energy brought through.

Creationlightship: not for the archives

Ron performed a robotics clearing only for live listeners. Ron takes listeners to the light ship to the food court.

Topics discussed:

Do aliens attach energy to websites to take control to you; when you ask someone's permission who are you actually asking; underground cities; homeopathic energies; robotics and ageing.

Website discussed:

Object activation.

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