BBS Radio Show July 7, 2010

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Sample Clearings, Healings and Energies:

Emotional, pain, mental, feeling; anxiety; kidneys, gastro healing; dinosaur energies; sadness.

Topics Discussed:

Clearing of alien races and religions being released; connection of orbs to the consciousness of jellyfish; our relationship to alien races; difference between bodies from the Light vs. Darkness; Metatron; using crystals to aid in healing; Mind energy placed in objects; cleansing crystals; most beneficial clearings to do; how many invisible bodies we have; the duality of sports; psychic attacks and Mind Control; Spirit Barcode; Robotic programs that control your thoughts, words and movements.

Website Clearings Discussed:

Blood Barcode Removal; Spirit Barcode Removal; Darkness to Light; Invisible Bodies; Emergency Clearing.

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