BBS Radio Show March 9, 2011

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Sample clearings healings and energies:

Removal of attachment to the earth's grid lines performed; pain body release performed; release of energy surrounding your favourite number; release of energy surrounding your birth year and month performed; release of number above the year 2000; shapes and objects put in the neck and back from past lives released; release of joints and whole body performed; mind to heart drop performed.

Topics discussed:

What are gridlines and how do they affect you; how much detail is required for the timeline crash of a dream; dreams and parrallel lives; do dreams attach to you an emotional and/or feeling energy; do aliens connect to you by your driver's license, address etc; in true light is there war; does the dark energy want lifeforce energy; do they want control of the spirit as well; who created time; if you suffer a brain injury, do you have a body, spirit or darkside mind injured; are the timelines affected; can we come back after ascension to this earth; can objects still remain in your body from past lives; dark energies and things created by the mind; are things created from the earth spirt like crystals and rocks ok; metatrone discussed.

Website discussed:

Time line crash clearing; natal chart clearing.

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