BBS Radio Show May 15, 2010

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Clearing samples:

Emotional body; resentment (not an invisible body); mental; people cording to and from you; feeling; Mind to Heart drop; to the LightShip (will not work on the archives); pain body – age 5; octopus energy; snake energy; lower back pain and cording; squid energy.

Topics discussed:

Description of rooms and healings on the LightShip; what a Light Being is; healings on the LightShip; living the life of your ancestors; thoughts as judgment; why healings don’t always work; how the Light Beings understand our illnesses while seeing us in perfection; cording to people by thinking about them; doing massage work on others and the removal of alien parasite life forms; whether cordings can occur when you are in your heart; what body jerks can indicate; when Dark Side attacks commonly occur.


Everett describes what he sees during octopus energy removal.

Website clearings discussed:

Matrix Cording Removal – Media/News/Event trauma Removal

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