BBS Radio Show May 5, 2010

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Sample clearings, healings and energies:

Emotional, trauma, pain body clearing performed; mind to heart drop performed; body and spirit brought into this moment; poison oak clearing removed; fifth chakra clearing; alien time lines attached to the head removed; anxiety body clearing performed; anxiety of aliens with you cleared; darkness to light clearing performed.

Topics discussed:

History channel show on parrallel lifetimes; what the alien planet cording and alien lifeform clearings do; timelines explained on the alien attack page; twisted and magnetic body clearing; can you lose your consciousness even though you are here; timelines of aliens - can we clear out the energies of their timelines; can parasites live in inanimate objects; split personalities, mind control; what is an extra terrestrial; what are light beings.

Website discussed:

Alien attack page; planetary clearing.

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