BBS Radio Show October 28, 2011

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Sample clearings, healings and energies:

Room in house cleared of ghosts; plant decloned clearing; spirit repositioned in body; mind energy timeline crash; repositioning again.

Topics discussed:

Cloned energies and timelines; displaced items timelines; using timeline crashings including space timeline crashings to return objects; how many clones typically of you on a timeline; can we command out spirit to position properly in our body; can you command your spirit to listen to him; mind to heart drop, commanding thoughts connecting with spirit; are there other ways rather than hearing your spirit to communicate with you; if you hear the small voice of your spirit what should you do; do clones attract clones; Ron explains the effects of the decloning on a person - cup cake; can a clone affect you; can the spirit judge itself.

Website discussed:

6465195800 9009#

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