BBS Radio Show October 4, 2010

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Sample Clearings, Healings and Energies:

Emotional. pain, Mind to Heart Drop; anger, anxiety; addiction.

Topics Discussed:

First clearings to do if you just found Ron and the Creation Lightship; feeling held back; what controls us; connecting to words in books; holding on to your own life force; going outside yourself; magic; thoughts about you coming from others; energy pools that Darkside practitioners can tap into; buying used items; judgment energy; our invisible bodies; what separated us from source; harm from our sou family; spirit bar codes; encounters with your soul family; addictions; spirit protection.

Website Clearings Discussed:

Self Empowerment; Earth Grids; Natal Barcode Removal; Psychic Billboard; Parallel Lives; Be Here Now; Darkside Practitioner; Hexes, Curses and Spells; Object Clearing.

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