BBS Radio Show September 14, 2011

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Sample clearings, healings and energies:

Fear, anger body clearing; listeners brought into the present moment; spirit put into the body properly; timeline crash for heart ache; galactic federation cording connections taken away today; missed ascension 8,000 BC.

Topics discussed:

Can you leave it to the lightship to decide what you need; can we choose not to get onto a timeline we know is coming; can you do multiple timeline clearings to avoid a situation; can we just consciously enter our hearts to say no to a timeline; can timelines undo the effects of an event you attended; if you crash an event can you discern the emotion it relates to it; does heart energy know discernment or emotions.

Website discussed:

Self empowerment clearing, billboard, seven generational clearing; century clearing; darkside ascension program; magnetic twisted body clearing.

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