BBS Radio Show September 8, 2010

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Sample Clearings, Healings and Energies:

Extreme anxiety, emotional, extreme anger, extreme pain clearings; red energy; "I Now Increase My Life Force Energy" exercise; water activation for hair - turtle energy; Darkness to Light - release of trapped beings in crystal skulls; pemotional and physical pain; fear; anger; pain; entities; octopus energies released; crystal skull energy in thumbs and arms released; 10 planetary cordings cleared; anxiety for a caller; 1 octopus.

Topic Discussed:

ow you appear to the Light Beings; Interactions with beings without spirit; how to spot a clone; what to do if you encounter a clone; shape shifters; crystal skull energy; does the Darkside have spirits too; male and female; why we cry; cellular memory.

Website discussed:

Self empowerment clearing.

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