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Emergency Healing

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This special healing is for instant Divine Healing when one is in the state of being overwhelmed, mentally and emotionally. This healing is for very traumatic situations that very seldom occur in normal daily life. Some of these situations could be: a family member’s death, your pet being run over by a car, being diagnosed with a life challenging illness, loss of your job, etc. This healing is not to be used daily for high stress. Instead, for high stress you need to do the Emotional Clearing over the phone, in person, or over the Internet with Online Healings.

On Step 2, you can test the Emergency Healing 1 time and/or actually use the Emergency Healing 2 times for free. After you complete your 2 free Emergency Healing, please make a donation before any future usage of the Emergency Healing. Donate Before you do your 2 free Emergency Healing, you are allowed to experience the Emergency Healing 1 time so you can become familiar with its process. If you decide to experience the Emergency Healing before you start your 2 free Emergency Healing, you will receive love balancing energies and not the actual Emergency Healing Energies.

You may also do the Emergency Healing for someone else, a pet/animal, or a plant; on Step 2 please make sure you enter in their name or what they are such as a “rose” or a “deer.” If you do the healing for someone else, they do not have to know about it because their spirit will always accept healing from the Creation Lightship no matter what.

The Emergency Healing Session will be 10 minutes long; if you feel that you may need additional healing, please repeat it until you feel at peace. You are allowed to pause your Emergency Healing. When the Emergency Healing finishes, you will be informed with an alert box. A Light Being picture will be provided for you on Step 2 page when you start the Emergency Healing. The Light Being will provide you with the specialized healing, so please watch and connect with your heart during the session.

If your Internet connection goes offline before the Emergency Healing starts or during the healing, you can still continue the healing (allow the timer to countdown if it has already started, or start the healing and allow the timer to countdown) - the healing will still work and the Light Beings will be with you throughout the healing.

Note that you will not be taken aboard the Creation Lightship during these healings. The Light Beings from the Creation Lightship will connect with you where you are to perform the healing work with you, with your loved ones, plants, or pets.

Step 1
Please test the countdown below to make sure it works. If it does not work, please do not continue until you find an internet browser and/or computer that it will work on (the countdown below is designed using JavaScript).


Step 2
Please start your Emergency Healing below.

Emergency Healing
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If you want, watch and connect with the picture during the healing; the picture will be activated during the healing.

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I enjoyed my session with you, and felt a detachment to past negative emotional memories, after doing a clearing. I felt a release from any heaviness associated with the memory. I look forward to the next session. Thank you. Sincerely ~ M.M.C. (Hawaii)
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