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Alien Definitions Introduction

To better understand the different alien related removals/healings we have, it might be good to review the definitions below.

A Shape Shifter is a living alien lifeform that lives with you and will sometimes look out of your eyes (that is why sometimes people will look different for a few moments, and then the shape shifter will pull back really quick if it notices that it has been detected). Sometimes a persons eyes change like having reptilian eyes when the shape shifter comes forward, or you may notice that they appear to have a tail.

A Shadow Body is a non-living program that has a spirit in it – its spirit was fabricated by the darkness and was not created by the Creation Lightship. The shadow body has an emotional body, a mental body, etc… and it has a physical body that looks like yours. Since we are controlled and live in the Alien created time based reality, the aliens can take you out of time for many hours, make cloned shadow bodies of you (holograms of you), and bring the shadow bodies of you into you while you’re doing something on Earth. Sometimes the shadow body programs are out of date (not up to date) so the shadow bodies do not know how to react or do something in a certain situations and you may feel odd or weird during the situation; you may feel spacey or empty headed as to what to do in a situation when the shadow body is out of date (like you may forget for a few moments how to turn on a computer, or tie your shoe, etc). The aliens usually update the shadow bodies so you remember what to do afterwards.

A Robotic Energy is a non-living program that works with your physical body; it is attached to your body and makes your body do different movements. The robotic energies do self correct (if the robotic energies attached to a person notice that the person falls down a couple times, it may analyze the situation and will not do it again). However, a robotic energy cannot do problem solving (it does not look for anything new, it gets its information from past experiences such as falling down repeatedly). For example, if a robotic energy controlling your body has never seen water before, it will have no idea that you can drink water or swim in it. But if it sees others doing it, it will understand you can drink and swim in it (it adjusts its program to understand what can be done when it sees water).

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I have been really depressed and diagnosed with diverticulitis. I wasn't able to eat because of the pain I felt and I wasn't able to work because of my depression. Now I am off the couch, making a living again and putting on weight. Thank you, thank you, I feel great! ~ R.B. (NY, NY)
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