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 A heart.    5 Day Sample Healings     Experience sample healings for the past 5 days;  lifetime     A heart. 
Creation Lightship Healing.

A fairy.

 Preparation for Ascension  |  Mission of Jesus  |  Imposters of The Light  |  Reincarnation Process 

Realize Your Dream!
       “Your physical body is depending on you to release the densities, the baggage out of its energy field, harmful limiting beliefs, blockages, fears and traumas that have been stored within it.”
Ja-ne-na, Creation Lightship Healing Arts Fleet Commander

The Lightship’s Purification Process is designed to assist you to rapidly prepare for Ascension. During these sessions, the Light Beings gently release densities within minutes that would typically involve years of traditional Earth-based therapy to resolve. The clearings and healings performed will greatly facilitate the integration of your Divine Spirit Consciousness within your physical body.
  A yellow star. The Lightship sessions help you purify your body’s energy system.
  A yellow star. These sessions raise the consciousness of your physical body.
  A yellow star. The Lightship clearings and healings are very gentle on your energetic system.

People report significant changes from their sessions such as:
  A yellow star. Improvements in vision, seeing clearer and brighter colors.
  A yellow star. Release of stored tension, less stress, feeling more relaxed and calm.
  A yellow star. Enhanced mental clearly, reduced mind chatter, peaceful.
  A yellow star. Body aches, pains and stiffness released, greater flexibly.
  A yellow star. Physical body realignment: skeletal, muscular, ligaments, joints etc.
  A yellow star. Miraculous Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual healings.
Lightship clearings and healings have been known to enhance the effectiveness of Earth based healing modalities.

If you wish to Ascend:
It is of vast importance to take responsibility for your physical body’s spiritual transformation.
The physical bodies of those who are unprepared will not physically Ascend during this 2000 Universal Shift Cycle. Their Spirits will leave the physical body and return to their spiritual home base to be cleared, healed and purified in preparation for their next incarnation.

A pink heart with wings.

The Gift of Ascension
During the Ascension process, the physical body along with its consciousness will transcend Earthy limitations. Those who Ascend will then exist in the new Universal Cycle of higher dimensional frequencies. This has been referred to as Heaven on Earth.

Ascension is a gift you give your Spirit and your body.
Your Spirit and your body will become One in the Divine Flow.
Prepare to Live using your higher Spiritual abilities and Divine Truth.

Realize the ability to:
  • Travel via bi-location
  • Manifest your body at will
  • Live in perfect health & wellness
  • Live on Life Force Energy
  • Experience heightened dimensional reality
  • Realize increased intuitive perceptions
  • Instantly manifest your heart-based desires
  • Live in perfect harmony with Divine Creations in the Light

    The biggest challenge in preparing for Ascension is to release the emotional programming stored in the physical body.
  • Critical thoughts
  • Energetic constrictions
  • Disease and discomfort
  • Anger and hatred
  • Self-centeredness
  • Fears

    You are not alone in this process if you choose to prepare for Ascension!
    The Creation Lightship’s Divine Light Beings can greatly assist you through their clearing and healing sessions. The Ascension process works with 3 major distinct energetic systems aligned within a vast array of holographic forms;
        A yellow star. Ego Consciousness
        A yellow star. Physical Body
        A yellow star. Spirit Energy

    All 3 energetic systems need to work together in spiritual harmony for the Ascension Transformation.
  • For the majority of humanity, the ego consciousness has been in charge of physical survival which has dominated the daily decision making process. The ego is mainly fear based, defensive and reactive in its behavior. For Ascension to occur, the ego with its powerful control of thought must surrender to your Divine Spirit residing within your Heart Center.
  • When your Divine Spirit is in control you can then move out of fear and into the higher Consciousness of Love.
  • Your Divine Spirit is the energy conduit for to receive physical healings.
  • Your physical bodies healing effectiveness is proportionate to your Spirit’s ability to integrate fully within your body.

    “Is your shadow taller than your soul?”
    Led Zeppelin, ‘Stairway to Heaven’

    Two people.
    The Physical Body is the Vehicle for Ascension

    The Purification Process requires each person to connect and listen to their Spirit’s guidance. One must clearly hear and understand their Spirit’s request for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

    Most people do not consciously communicate with their Divine Spirit.
    This needs to change. Being able to listen to your Spirit is vital. Your Spirit provides your physical body with Conscious Divine Guidance and the Life Force Energy needed for physical healings to take place.

    The Ascension Teachings originated from the Creation Lightship.
    These Teachings have come to humanity from the Divine Light Beings that reside on the Creation Lightship. Some choose to incarnate on Earth to offer their assistance to humanity. They offer their assistance prior to each cyclic Universal Energy Shift.

    Throughout the ages, Divine Ascension Teachings have existed. They show the way humanity can regain their Divine Spirit Connection. Unfortunately these teachings have been replaced to a large extent with false teachings.

    A lady.

    The majority of people have lost their Spiritual connection which resonated with Divine Truth. This is due to being immersed in the very dense energy throughout their lifetimes on Earth. People have been exposed continually to Imposters of the Light with their false teaching and propaganda.

    The Universal Shift is fast approaching and at this time the Imposters of the Light are bring forth large quantities of mis-information regarding Ascension. These false teaching are being circulated for the purpose of holding humanity back one more time. It has worked before and false information is being pumped out at an accelerated rate to further confuse and entrap humanity.

    The Dark Forces Agenda
  • Infiltration of the physical body by the ‘Dark Force Agenda’ has radically compromised the human energy system.
  • This has prevented the physical and spiritual development of the Human Race for eons.
  • This has threatened Humanity to near Spiritual extinction.
  • The Dark Agenda’s many methods have included negative imprinting, mind control, tracking devices, psychic attacks, mental and physical attacks, negative implants, invasion of privacy and freedom, soul theft, abduction, spreading of false teachings designed to distract and lead people away from their own Divinity.

    Mother Mary

    More is required than just thinking, dreaming, meditating and reading many books about shifting into a new vibration! Remember, there are only a handful of stories about the people who have Ascended while living on Earth!

    Ascension requires that you consciously connect to your Spirit and complete the work necessary to release your physical body from its past programming. This allows the Spirit to fully integrate its Divine Presence within your physical body.

    Ascension Preparation:
    The Lightship Healing Sessions assist you so you can resonate with higher Divine Frequencies of Light.

    Your body is your Spiritual Temple for Ascension. Prepare your Body to be able to Ascend with your Spirit to a higher dimension of Love and Light!

    Actively commit to:
        A yellow star. Open your heart, and commune with your Spirit which resides in your Heart Center.
        A yellow star. Continue with your Purification Process by running CLS healings daily; this will increase the amount of Light your body can hold.
        A yellow star. Consciously avoid negative behaviors & thought patterns.
        A yellow star. Keep your energy sacred within yourself.
    Separate yourself from:
        A yellow star. The false teaching of the Imposters of the Light:
        A yellow star. The massive amount of propaganda that Dark Agenda sends out daily, in their attempt to cord into your energy system.

    Suggested activity:

    A man with glasses on.

    Why has it been so hard for Humanity to awaken?
    Living in a world full of false spiritual beliefs, most of humanity has long since lost its Spiritual Connection to the Divine. The Lightship’s Clearings and Healings can assist you in re-awakening your ability to connect to your Spirit.

    It is of vast importance at this time to take responsibility for your Ascension Preparation. Take this opportunity to prepare your physical body, along with your consciousness, for the Universal Shift. The Creation Lightship is here to offer its assistance with Clearings, Physical Body Healings, and DNA Light Encoding, for the Spiritual advancement of those individuals that will be ascending during this Universal Shift.

    “I can see clearly now,
    and it’s going to be a bright, bright, sun shiny day.”

    Jimmy Cliff, ‘I Can See Clearly Now’


    Mission of Jesus
    Jesus came at the time of the last Universal Energy Shift to assist in the Ascension Preparation of Humanity. His Clearings, Healings, DNA Light Encodings and Spiritual Teachings were done through his connection with the Creation Lightship, to prepare people for the Universal Shift. His main emphasis was teaching people to connect to their own Divine Spirit within their Heart Center.

    At the time he came to Earth, the majority of people had already lost their Spiritual Divine Connection. People at that time were not able to free themselves from the Darkness that had such a strong hold on them. Few could grasp the significance of Jesus’ teachings. His words fell on deaf ears and he was killed for trying to help mankind become free of its bondage.

    Originally the Galactic Federation was created as the Spiritual and Physical Guardians for Earth and its inhabitants.
    They were created to:
  • Offer Spiritual Guidance
  • Aid and Assist when needed
  • Protect from Dark Force invasions
  • Provide physical healing when needed
  • Help with Ascension Preparation at the Time of the Shift

    Unfortunately, the Galactic Federation did not hold their Spiritual Integrity in Love. This caused them to become infiltrated by the Dark Forces. This was accomplished through extraterrestrial races allied with the Dark Agenda who were seeking to control and infiltrate the Galactic Federation as well as the human race. The Darkness overtook them.

    Jesus was also tempted by the Dark Forces to join with them, but he refused. He chose to keep his Divine Spiritual Identity. He was then betrayed by the Galactic Federation whose responsibility was to assist and protect him during his Earth Mission to help Humanity prepare for their Ascension.

    As he stated when he was on the cross:
    “... Why have you forsaken me?”
    Matthew 27:46

    Imposters of the Light
    Imposters of the Light have proliferated on Earth for a long time. They mislead, misdirect, torture, kill, and steal Life Force Energy from the Earth and its inhabitants. These dark forces have covertly infiltrated all societies on Earth.

    This situation has made it necessary for the Creation Lightship to activate Universal Energy Shifts to cleanse, realign, and restore Spiritual Divine Harmony.

    “All inhabits on Earth were created to experience Love and Light.
    Creation will no longer allow this darkness to go unchecked.”

    Ja-ne-na, Creation Lightship Healing Arts Fleet Commander

    A lady smiling.
    Remember who you are!
    A message from the Creation Lightship Divine Light Beings
    U B U       U R I
    I M U       R U I
    I B U       U B I
    I C U       U C I
    U = You    B = Be    I = I    M = Am    R = Are

    Become Free of Entrapments:
  • Forced Reincarnation
  • Karmic Lessons
  • Parallel Lives
  • Entities, Mind Control, Cordings

    Endless Reincarnation on Earth
    We did not install your enforced reincarnation process. This again was in accordance with the Galactic Federation’s alliance with the Dark.

    “All Spirits were created as a unique expression of the Divine, freely expressing their own unique Love and Light Frequencies in all of their creations. This was the original Divine Plan.”
    Ja-ne-na, Creation Lightship Healing Arts Fleet Commander

    You were created to experience one life at a time.
    Being held captive on Earth without your Twin Flame, reincarnating over and over again to learn karmic lessons, having your Spirit Energy diluted into numerous parallel lives. This all came about from the Dark Side’s infiltration of this planet.
    This was never part of the Lights Divine Plan!

    The reincarnation process was devised to capture and use your energy for the Darks own parasitic agenda, i.e. the theft of souls.

    Karmic Lessons:
    Negative programming from past lives (karma) was never intended to be imprinted on the physical body. This is not part of the Divine Intention. Born over and over again on Earth without being able to leave and being held captive was a program put in place by the Dark Agenda.

    Parallel Lifes:
    I am sure you have heard of the saying ‘spreading yourself too thin’. At this time on Earth, people are living a multitude of parallel lives simultaneously. These lives can affect you without your knowledge or consent. This process was not created by the Light.

    ‘You were created to live one life in the NOW.’
    Ja-ne-na, Creation Lightship Healing Arts Fleet Commander

    The Darkness has progressed since Jesus walked the Earth. This increased density has caused a situation where people are rarely more than 20% in their bodies and they are often sharing their bodies with Entities, (ghost, the emotional bodies of people who have passed on). These Entities cause auditions and a host of other problems. They need to be cleared out in order for the Spirit to come into the body 100%.

    ‘If you are not home, WHO IS?
    WHO or WHAT is guiding YOU?’
    Ja-ne-na, Creation Lightship Healing Arts Fleet Commander

    An Entity Inside Of A Dog’s Leg

    An entity is inside a dog’s leg, pestering and teasing it.
    This video shows the trouble an entity can cause!

    The Galactic Federation has allowed negative ET races to abduct people and do things to them against their will, such as:
  • Install tracking devices
  • Inject them with mental and physical implants, use devices that control and alter Consciousness according to their will.

    This has become a very large clean-up mission on our part. The Dark Forces are trying to take over the Light’s Creations. We realize that there is a need to clean up this situation and the Divine Forces are united in this effort at this time.

    Light bearers throughout history have come into physical form to facilitate a positive change and help uplift human consciousness in overcoming the force of Darkness. Many of these individuals have suffered from living under the Dark Agenda’s rule.

    We greatly regret the lack of intervention and integrity. The Galactic Federation has the power to implement change. Humanity has been wrongfully treated with disrespect.

    If the Galactic Federation cannot hold the Spiritual Law of Oneness, it will no longer exist. In this the case, we will replace them with completely new Guardians with Divine Light Resonance. The Galactic Federation has already been put on notice and is fully aware of what is stated here. We will not allow this corruption to go unchecked any longer.

    We leave you now with Love,
    Ja-ne-na Healing Arts University Fleet Commander 

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