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Creation Lightship Healing.


Please Read the following sections to understand the reason for this important Healing!

Step 1 | Step 2 | Step 3 | Step 4 (Login)

The Creation Lightship
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Pure Divine Light Energy from the Source that Created You




Step 1
Please test the countdown below to make sure it works. If it does not work, please do not continue until you enable the javascript or find an internet browser with javascript enabled as the countdown below is designed using JavaScript.

Step 2
Please read the follwing information and test your computer before purchasing.


A picture of a Light Being will be provided during the alignment session in Step 4, which will be activated during your session - watch the Light Being change during your session.


You may pause the alignment if you need to take a short break. To pause the alignment, click the button that says “Pause Healing/Alignment” or the button that says “Pause” located to the left of the Light Being picture. Then an alert box will pop-up informing you that your alignment session is now paused. To resume, click the “OK” button that appears in the alert box. The alert box message will say:

“Your alignment is now paused.
Press OK when you are ready to resume your alignment.”


If you purchased and started the “Bites/Stings Healing", and your internet service crashes or your browser closes mid-way through the alignment, please login again and continue from where you left off.


When your Alignment finishes, you will be informed with an alert box. The alert box message will say:

“Your Alignment Session is now Over.”


Attempting to start the Bites/Stings Healing in Step 4 without paying for it will not work.


Disclaimer: We make no medical or health claims regarding the use of this Bites/Stings Healing. If you have a medical condition, please see your physician. Using this Bites/Stings Healing is for the purpose of Ascension Preparation only. The Bites/Stings Healing process may not be detectable by current Earth-based equipment and technology.


Taking a shower after each Alignment session will greatly assist in cleansing your auric field and is highly recommended.

Step 3
Bites/Stings Healing (Family Plan) - One Month

Bites/Stings Healing (Single Person) - One Month

Step 4
Once you complete your purchase,
only then the Lightbeing will become Activated to perform the Healing.

After payment, please select the link below to goto the login Page.

Bites/Stings Healing Login Page 

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Creation Lightship Quotes

Thanks for yesterday's session. It was a delightful four hours. The worked continued through the night and to today. The Amber blood transformation was new experience for me. I could actually see the light language symbols flowing through. Also, one of my favorite is the trip to the Inner Earth on the space ship. I'm marking my calendar for the next month. ~ Anonymous
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