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Creation Lightship Healing.

Creation Lightship

 Creation’s Manifestation Center  |  CLS Healing Arts University Fleet  |  Earth’s Ascension 

“We are here in Love
to accelerate the transformation of your
physical body, so you will be able to Ascend.”

Ja-ne-na, Creation Lightship Commander

All Dimensions have physicality.
The Creation Lightship
is a Multidimensional Space Station, approximately 490 miles in diameter, with 167 floors. Each floor has a height of 12 feet. This height can be changed consciously to accommodate the taller Light Beings on our staff.

The Space Station’s massive Command Center has over 5,000 docking bays. The Lightship is Creation’s Manifestation Center. Here the 12 Source Energies manifested their original Creations, Universes and all life forms using their Divine Love Light Frequencies. See Diagram of the 12 Source Energies’ Transfer of Divine Light

The Creation Lightship is an integral part of the Creation Energy. The Lightship’s vast database contains the genetic codes of all life forms created in the Light throughout time and space. It also contains a complete linear progression of all known Healing Arts throughout Creation. All Divine Blueprints with their physical structures that were created by the 12 Source Energies are recorded, and these records reside on the Creation Lightship. This vast database of Spiritual Blueprints is used to create planets, life forms, etc. on the Lightship.

Planets are Creative Expressions of the Divine Intelligence of LOVE.
Some Spirits are created to manifest themselves as planets through their own Creative Energy. They are highly evolved Conscious Beings with incredible abilities. They embody the planet which they have created. Other Spirits are then created to experience life on these planets.

Your body’s DNA has special codes. These codes contain your complete past biological information and your full ancestral genetic history. This record goes back in time, to parents, grandparents, etc. throughout your genetic lineage. The Lightship’s Light Being Doctors can view your genetics to see how they have manifested in you. They can evaluate your genetic history to see how it has influenced your physiology. The Light Being doctors will use this information to understand how they can best assist you during your session.

“This is your opportunity to experience the highly advanced, non-invasive, energetic healing abilities of the Creation Lightship’s Divine Light Beings. They clear away a multitude of densities within minutes. This cannot be accomplished by any Earth based modality.” Ja-ne-na, Creation Lightship Commander

‘Experience healing through Divine Love offered by the Energies that created you.’
Ja-ne-na, Creation Lightship Commander

The Creation Lightship’s Healing Arts University Fleet
The Fleet travels inter-dimensionally throughout time and space during the time leading up to the Universal Shift. The purpose of this is to clear out densities, realign and balance cosmic energies, and offer Ascension Preparation sessions to all Beings created in the Light.

The Healing Arts University Fleet consists of 89 outreach Mother Ships, servicing their 628 smaller remote healing ships. Smaller remote ships have fully staffed healing teams, with 850 to as many as 3,500 staff members per ship. There are over 200 races, highly trained, working in unison to heal each life form at its own unique vibration frequency.

The Creation Lightship’s Fleet is available to all healing ships throughout Creation, offering teaching and consultation, along with emergency assistance. All the healing ships that come to us for assistance (for example, from the Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius, etc.) are under our supervision and must follow our protocols to re-establish Divine Order in the Light.

Creation Lightship Insignia

The Creation Energy is made of Pure Light and Love.

It did not create the Dark Forces as is believed by many people on earth.
The Dark Forces are not part of the Divine Creation Energy.
The Creation Lightship has a Fleet of Defense Ships that must do battle with the Dark Forces.
The Dark Forces do not follow the Light’s Spiritual Law of Love.
The Dark Forces are very serious about their attempt to take over the Light and its Creations.

At the time of the last Universal Shift, the Earth Blueprint and the Earth’s Spirit in charge of this Blueprint did not shift in the new Consciousness of Light. Likewise, Earth’s people also could not shift with the rest of Creation into this new time-line. Earth’s people were held back by the large amount of negativity and darkness. They did not release their densities enough to make it through the Universal Energy Shift. Earth and its population then repeated the same 2,000-year cycle over again. See: The Mission of Jesus

At this time, the human race has lived 4,000 years in the same Energy Cycle because it did not ascend into the new energy along with the rest of Creation. The Earth Spirit will not be held back for the second time. Earth is going through its preparation for Ascension at this time.

The Earth’s Ascension.

The Earth Spirit

Every 2000 years, the Earth Spirit has an opportunity to ascend to a higher reality of consciousness if it so chooses. This is similar to the transitioning process that all human life goes through when a “person passes on” and the Spirit leaves the body.

The Divine Spirit that created the planet we call Earth has chosen to go through the process of preparing to release its Spiritual Life Force Energy from the manifested body that it created.

The Earth’s Spirit, like ourselves, is going through the process of releasing densities and reclaiming its Divine Spiritual Identity back into Wholeness. In order for the Earth’s Spirit to leave this current 3-D reality, it must gather together 100% of its Divine Spirit Self. The Earth’s Spirit will not leave any of its consciousness behind during Ascension.

The Earth Spirit with its Divine Free Choice has created and prepared a new planetary life form in a non-dualistic reality of 8-Dimensional Consciousness. Its new Planetary Spiritual Blueprint was completed near the end of 2006.

Earth Spirit’s Ascension during the Universal Shift:

At the time of Ascension, the current Earth Spirit that embodies the Earth’s physical form and is providing the Earth with its Life Force Energy will leave.
The Earth’s Spirit has already created another planet that it will embody in a higher vibration, out of duality.
During the Ascension process the Earth Spirit’s new planet will take form and become fully manifested.

Since the Earth Spirit created our existing physical form, and because its Life force flows through our physical bodies, we also have the opportunity to make the shift into the 8-Dimensional Consciousness along with the Earth Spirit. For this to occur however, it is vital that our Divine Spirit is integrated in our physical body 100% so that the body can be transformed into a Light Body that can be utilized as the vehicle to travel inter-dimensionally with the Earth Spirit to its new Creation. As previously stated, your physical being needs to have the Creation Lightship’s Ascension Clearings and Healings to help prepare you for this transformation.


Earth’s Spiritual Blueprint:

A Divine Spiritual Blueprint was used to create the physical manifestation of Planet Earth.
At the time of Ascension, the Earth Spirit will completely disconnect and leave its Divine Spiritual Earth Blueprint.
At this point the Planet Earth will no longer have the Spiritual Life-Force Energy that would allow it to exist in physicality. The 3-dimensional Planet Earth will cease to exist.

The Earth’s Planetary Blueprint on the Creation Lightship will be available to Creative Planetary Spirits. These Spirits can access the Earth’s original Blueprint if they wish to re-manifest it in the location of their choice, and with their own particular vibration frequency. They are free to change it as they like, and will add their own unique Life Force Energy. In this way, the Spiritual Blueprint can be recreated in many variations anywhere within the Realm of Light and its many Dimensions.

Earth and all its inhabitants were created
to experience Light Consciousness (LOVE) and Creativity

Creation never intended the Earth and its inhabitants to be entrapped and controlled by the Dark as they have been for so long, through false teachings, wars, sickness, etc. The Dark Forces drain the Life force Energy from living things. This energy is like food to the dark soul-less beings. This darkness spreads false teachings, pain, and sorrow wherever it can find a foothold. Many humans have fallen for this deception, and are under the spell of darkness. They have forgotten who they are and where they came from. Many of their Divine Birth Gifts have been lost to them along with their ability to understand the significance of this historic time they are now living in.

The Lightship has come to intervene and assist your planet’s Spirit to make sure that the Earth will shift into this new upcoming Universal Energy Cycle. The Divine Light Beings are ready at this time to give Ascension Preparation Clearings and Healings.

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Ron, I was trying to "convince myself" for some time to drink more water...with some results...until I got my special water charged on Sat. 18 call.... My beautiful body absolutely loves the water and wants more and more....:-)))))) I was surprised how different was the taste of the last day water charged by seals. ~ D (St. Louis)
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