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Amazing Morgellons Disease Report

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The entire report provided below is from Tina:
After suffering with Morgellons for four years I am clear, clean, and healthy - no more lesions, crawling or biting. Many Morgellons sufferers live in seclusion, suffering, and ultimately death. Currently, most doctors don’t understand the symptoms and may disregard patient complaints as delusional. The initial symptoms of crawling and biting have been confused with common scabies or bird lice. My experience with Morgellons almost sent me to the morgue. It was hands down the most terrifying experience I have ever had. After four years of suffering I was introduced to Ron Amitron and the Creation Lightship clearings and now have a new life Morgellons free.

Morgellons Symptoms
The Morgey bugs behave in an unpredictable manner and symptoms vary. Although invisible to the naked eye, they can be seen under a high powered microscope. Some common symptoms are: endless crawling, biting, large and small lesions can appear anywhere on the body, chronic fatigue, body pains and aches, ringing of the ears, body decay, bone decay, tooth decay, disoriented thinking and more. The cause and where they come from is uncertain, but some research indicates that they are manmade. Regardless of their history, they are absolute dark side energy and not from the light.

Morgellons Torture – A living death
I dared not show my face to the world, the Morgellons lesions encircled my neck like a cervical collar and continued up into my scalp and face. A crust of sores covered my shoulders like a cape and extended halfway down my back. More lesions the size of my hand covered my legs and inner thighs. The pain, crawling, itching, and biting were unbearable. Sleep was impossible as the invisible body bugs crawled night and day through my ears, nose, eyes, and body. The soles of my feet ached and each step felt like I was walking on shards of broken glass. Every inch of my body throbbed with pain and getting out of bed in the morning took great determination. Even my teeth were not spared as an acute and mysterious toothache made the rounds from tooth to tooth. In short, a once athletic body was now crippled with Morgellons. I was ready to die.

Dog Itchy with Morgellons
As if my torture wasn’t enough my dog also had Morgellons and chewed himself bloody. All the products and protocols I used on myself were also shared with Bistro, but nothing worked. He was miserable with crawly itchy body bugs and chewed himself raw.

On Deaths Door
After spending thousands of dollars on healing products that helped little or not at all, I was on deaths door both financially and physically. There was an overwhelming feeling of confusion, fear, and helplessness as my life turned upside down. My home was cleaned out and purged of anything that might contain the little buggers. The carpet was ripped out, wood flooring installed, house repainted and clothes, furniture, beds, and bedding thrown out and still no relief from crawlies. Even the car was infected with Morgellons.

Morgellons New Hope
When I found Ron Amitron his information was intelligent, new, and different. The day I started working with him, my life began again. He recommends online clearings that peel away lifetimes of emotional drama and trauma. After trying the sample clearings with good results, my first full clearing was the Emotional Clearing and the effect was astounding. Many more clearings followed (see list below) that cleaned out issues, junk, and crawlies from my body. With each clearing I felt better and could think more clearly, my Spirit was coming back. The healing was rapid and my body and finances both improved.

Rapid Healing from Morgellons
My dream for many years had been to spend several days hiking a portion of the Rocky Mountains, an impossible goal with Morgellons. Nonetheless, I had scheduled a trip the upcoming summer in hopes that miraculously I would be Morgellon free. The trip would no doubt need to be canceled, but it gave me something to live for. Within two months of finding Ron and diligently running the Creation Lightship clearings I felt the trip was doable. My aching feet, felt like new again. The lesions and body aches were 100% gone. The crawlies had vanished and I was sleeping soundly. A week before the trip I packed and ran Rejuvenation Clearings, my energy level went up and I felt strong and healthy.

Dreams Come True
With the rapid remission of body bugs and renewed strength I prepared for the trip and set off for the Rocky Mountains. Although I was obviously not in top athletic shape, I was strong (without prior conditioning) and able to carry a backpack. The joy of walking pain free and surrounded by high mountain beauty was a treat beyond compare. The trip was a success and I cannot thank Ron and his Creation Lightship Doctor team enough for providing this miracle.

A “normal” Life - After Morgellons
If I hadn’t found Ron I certainly would have been dead by now. My life force energy had been drained and every drop of energy and every penny had been sucked dry. Now my life is back to “normal,” I no longer have to hide from the world and have extra energy to work, play, and see friends. It even worked to clear the floating fibers out of my car and I am able to drive without risk of reinfection The clearings and conference call healing sessions are still a part of my life as I receive deeper healings and continue to learn from Ron. Be aware that Ron’s healings are permanent and not designed to become co-dependent. It has been an honor and a pleasure to partake in his healing mission.

Thank you to Ron and the Creation Lightship Team of Light Doctors

There are no words to express the depth of my gratitude for the healing that has taken place for both me and my dog – I am Morgellons free! I extend a heartfelt thank you from the depths of my soul to Ron and his team of Lightship doctors. The darkness has been erased, my heart is light, and I can laugh again. Also I thank you on behalf of those who are suffering from an” incurable” Morgellons disease. I don’t know if this affliction is manmade, alien made, or nature’s parasites run amuck, but I do know that there is help aboard the Creation Lightship.

Working with Ron Amitron and the Creation Lightship
Below is a list of clearings that worked for me. With each clearing another layer of the proverbial onion peeled away, the Morgellons symptoms diminished, and my Spirit got stronger. This is not a one size fits all recipe, every-body is different and you will want to explore what works for you. Because we each embody a unique blend of our ancestral DNA, past and current life experiences, the clearings will vary with each individual. I suggest getting your feet wet with some of the free sample healings (aka clearings) listed on www.creationlightship.com, YouTube, and on the BBS and Ask1 radio shows (search for Ron Amitron). Once you understand how to use the clearings, you will want to purchase the Emotional Clearing and the Death Barcode Clearing. After completing these search the clearings and follow your strongest need (or call in and ask Ron for guidance on one of his many online radio shows). The healings are permanent and with a clear mind and body you will gain a new understanding of the world we live in and be able to move forward with your life. Thank you Ron for choosing to lead a life of service and healing for mankind.

Creation Lightship clearings that helped my Morgellons (Not in order of use):
Satellite Timeline Crash – Free
Be Here Now – Free
Grey Sky’s Timeline Crash - Free
Emotional Clearing
Death Barcode
Spirit Barcode
Alien Clearing
Darkside Practitioner Hex
Magnetic and Twisted Body Alignment
Family Clearing
Religious Clearing
Past Lives Timeline Crash
Space Timeline Crash
Special Healing
Water Clearing
Entity Clearing
Water Clearing
Family Imprinting
Crown Chakra
Abduction Barcode
Poverty Clearing
Addiction Clearing
Object Clearing – used on infected clothes

Basic info for Morgellons recovery:
Clear/clean house and body
Eat only high nutrition organic foods and vitamins
Use only organic or homemade body care products
Keep your body more alkaline
Exercise at a level you are capable of
Drink extra water – Ron’s “Water Activation” helps purify body terrain and clean out Morgellons
Far infrared sauna – Aids body in healing by emulating the sun’s early morning healing rays
Moderate amounts of sunlight – Early morning or late afternoon
Shun all toxins, including alcohol, sugar, and preservatives
Say good-bye to all emotional drama and trauma

What did not work for Morgellons recovery:
Colloidal silver – Did nothing but aggravate the little buggers
Zappers – The Morgellons parasite is stimulated by electrical current
Sun detergent/alfalfa baths – no results
Permethrin cream – This was the first thing I tried after a visit to a kind, but unenlightened doctor. The crawling still had not subsided when the prescription and refills ran out. Then, out of desperation I purchased several hundred dollars of Permethrin cream online. After marinating in the cream night and day for a few months there were conclusively - no results
Other Morgellons helpers: sprays, creams, special water, etc…

It’s my wish to give hope to those suffering from Morgellons. Please do not misconstrue this as medical advice, it’s merely my humble experience.

Tina N.
Miami, Florida, USA

PS. Please share this with friends who ill and want to get well, but are giving up hope.

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