Not Religious Energy

On some of our healing pages, you have the ability to "Select Your Healer".
You are experiencing the true spirit energy of the being/person directly from the Creation Lightship.
The being/person was divine, but their teachings and energies have been altered on the planet Earth by the Galactic Federation and the darkside.

You will not be experiencing the religious energy associated with them.
The religious energies were created by the Galactic Federation and the darkside, and is not of the light - it is the light of the darkness.
When you pray to something outside of yourself, you are at prey to what you are praying to.

Note that Jesus said on the cross, "... Why have you forsaken me?".
Jesus was talking to the Galactic Federation - our so called "space brothers" or "alien friends".
It was the Galactic Federations responsibility to assist and protect Jesus while he was helping the Earth and its inhabitants to prepare for Ascension.
Unfortunately he was betrayed by the Galactic Federation due to the Dark’s infiltration.
This Dark’s infiltration is why we are experiencing our current state of affairs and a lack of Love on this planet.

Take a look at what happens to us on a daily basis on this planet.
The Galactic Federation and the darkside alter us in similar ways and "infiltrate" and "modify" our lives for their own intentions, corrupting our true self (our divinity) and taking away our free will.