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“Be in the now.” – Ron Amitron
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Creation Lightship Healing.

A picture that says: Creation Lightship Healing Internet Radio Show.
on BBS Radio (archives)

Creation Lightship Healing Radio Show, Live Instant Healings!

The Lightship Insignia. Click  on this picture to view a larger version.
     A Light Being. Click on  this picture to view a larger version.
Light Being
     A Light Being. Click on  this picture to view a larger version.
Light Being
     A diagram showing creation. Click on  this picture to view a larger version.
Websites, Archives, and More!
Official Page: www.bbsradio.com/creationlightshiphealings
Show Audio Archives: www.CreationLightship.com/radioa.php

The Creation Lightship offers its assistance through
Divine Spiritual Teachings and Healings during each Show!

An arrow pointing to the right.  Watch your monitor as the Creation Lightship activates the Divine Light Being picture with it’s “Living Light Energy”. This is amazing to witness!
An arrow pointing to the right.  Hear information from the Lightship who Created your Divine Spirit.
An arrow pointing to the right.  No particular belief system is necessary to receive the many healing benefits!
An arrow pointing to the right.  Experience samples of many healings performed by Ron and the Creation Lightship!

A person in two universes.

“We are here in Love
to accelerate the transformation of your
physical body, so you will be able to Ascend.”

Ja-ne-na, Creation Lightship Healing Arts Fleet Commander

Getting the most out of each Radio Show Archive – Active healings!

Here are a few tips for getting the most out of each archive.
Have one 8 ounce glass of water handy (per person). Often Ron does ‘Water Activations’ where special Healing Codes are activated in the water specifically for your particular body’s needs.
Scroll down our page until you see the picture of a beautiful Light Being. This picture was drawn by an artist and seer who visited the Creation Lightship. It is an accurate likeness of Ja-ne-na, the Fleet Commander. During the shows, the Light Beings from the Lightship often bring their Divine Presences into the picture, and when this happens you can actually see the transformation take place in front of your eyes, which is an awesome sight to see. The Light Beings will connect directly with your Heart Center, and will bring in their Divine Energy to bless you and your room, and offer healings & guidance upon your request. This is an experience you will not want to miss!
Also on our Creation Lightship radio page are many more goodies, including the Creation Lightship Insignia which is also occasionally activated for healings, and general Creation Lightship information.
You do not need to have any particular belief system to receive these Lightship healing benefits. All who sincerely wish to participate are welcome. There is no charge, but donations are always welcome to continue Ron’s mission. Other than that, just sit back and relax.

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Donations are always welcomed! It helps us continue Ron’s healing mission. 

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BBS Radio Show - Creation Lightship Healing
Radio CTR - Creation Lightship Healing
Radio show Insignia Radio show Lightbeing

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A video recording of one of Ron Amitron's lectures.
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Creation Lightship Quotes

I have found so much truth just from listening to the show, after asking Ron awhile back to explain Creation, Source , God...... it opened up yet more doors for me and I am grateful for the knowledge I have learned from the show. I knew there was always more to God than say one spirit or energy; yes I am enjoying the 12 Creation energies very much. I can't express enough how much the show has helped my growth. ~ D.F.
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