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Healing Testimonials

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Creation Lightship Healing testimonials

Emotional Healing | One Hour Physical Healing | Centuries Healing | Group Centuries Healing | Clearing of the Years Session Emotional Years Clearing | Emotional Healing Group Session | One-Hour Physical Group Session | Healing Tune up Session Soft energy | Healing Tune up Session

Emotional Healing

A swirl.I had a healing yesterday and felt like having another one today. I feel lighter!
C.H. San Francisco, Ca

A swirl.I felt sensations in my eyes and they started to water while I was getting healed. I feel a deep sense of relaxation. My head felt lighter.
E.B. San Francisco, Ca

A swirl.I thought the experience was great…. I felt much compassion and I felt the healing right away. I felt the Ja-ne-na honored my space and I think that’s very important in healings.
D.F. Concord, Ca

A swirl.I felt a very loving energy. Mainly, a woman worked with me and she loves interacting with us. She explained that this experience was healing for her as well and the interchange of energy was powerful. She worked with my chakras. Also, several Doctor did work on my spine. My main message from this was to be open to healing and to not be fearful of my own inner strength and power. Their work will help me.
R. Z. Alameda, Ca

A swirl.A positive experience- Looking forward to seeing how it develops.
T.C. Santa Rosa, Ca

A swirl.Feel lighter, brighter, more giggly, more spontaneous, more light hearted, more energized and energetic.
D. I. Santa Rosa, Ca

A swirl.I felt energy shifts, little “electrical” type of “jolt”. I felt at one time as if someone pulled out a lot of dark, yucky stuff from the upper chest area.
Thanks B.T. Castro Valley, Ca

A swirl.Sensed a greater relaxation and less tension.
S.J. Sebastopol, Ca

A swirl.Felt tingling in auric field.
A.T. San Francisco, Ca

A swirl.Feeling of warmth. Tingling in Hands. Felt energy rushes. I also felt a “Pop” in the affected parts of back and feet. There is less pain now in my back and feet.
R.K. Chapel Hill, Ca

A swirl.My experience was awesome. I could feel them working on my brain and my whole head and neck. I feel clearer now.
LM Palo Alto, Ca

A swirl.My lungs felt like they were being pumped up when I breathed. I now am unable to “slump” when I sit. I feel like my lungs are “new” organs.
I felt tremendous love, comfort, and peace. I cried. I feel great and I know this is permanent|!
Love to you and thank you Ja-ne-na, Ron and the entire team from the future!
J.B. San Jose, Ca

A swirl.I felt a serene peace, and energy in my ankles. I do have bladder issues and they fixed that too!
T.B. Eugene, Or

A swirl.Thank you for a delightful experience. My neck feels much better and my spirit is pleased!
A.V. San Francisco Ca

A swirl.My jaw relaxed and neck discomfort subsided. Felt Love and peace and quiet. Thank you Ron and Ja-ne-na and Team!
J.B. San Jose, Ca

A swirl.I was feeling the team was working on my neck and jaw. I was feeling releases and looseness. I was able to move my jaw with less cracking and open my mouth wider. Thank you
L.M. Palo Alto, Ca

A swirl.My fingers have more motion (fluid) less stiff, my skin is softer, and my whole body feels more airy.
J.O. Kealakekua, HI

A swirl.I felt energy – mucous came up. Ja-ne-na worked on my throat. I felt energy on the side of my left temple. I felt my energy afterwards. It felt as though I am still being worked on. I felt very relaxed and better all over! My circulation and especially my heart treatment was great. Since being activated with this new energy, things are happening for me. I feel really happy and I have been manifesting more financial abundance. My hands feel activated with this energy. I had a vision of swimming with the Dolphins during my last session, what fun. Thank you!
S. S. Jamestown NY Age 54

A swirl.I have been really depressed and diagnosed with diverticulitis. I wasn’t able to eat because of the pain I felt and I wasn’t able to work because of my depression. Now I am off the couch, making a living again and putting on weight. Thank you, thank you, I feel great!
R.B., NY, NY

A swirl.Physical problem he ask assist for: 15 years arthritis severe pain right hand middle and index finger. Session Results: Swelling went down visibly. His fingers where no longer ridged and he could now bend the fingers. Fingers where pain free now. I was immediately surrounded by a
strong, warm energy, very loving Energy. I was filled with understanding and knowledge, which I had been seeking for years, Amazing.

A swirl.I was feeling really miserable and angry at the world. After my session I am feeling great relief and have a much more positive attitude, Thank you so much.

A swirl.Dearest Ones, Thank you for your beautiful healings. Thank you for you. I am blessed. In cosmic Love and Light.

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One Hour Physical Healing

A swirl.On a 1 to 10 scale, 1 being low 10 high-much improvement now. My total physical energy level was 5-10 improved. I am grateful for this treatment. I feel blessed and joyful!
S.S. Edmonton, AB, Canada

A swirl.Constriction in center of torso- released Warmth in face. Warmth in abdomen. Energy along forearms- in fingers, hands Some burping Some intestinal gas! Energy along right scapula. Energy in a circle around forehead and along left temple. Neck vertebrae- release Feel centered, calmer. A little laughter to realize I was already up there! About half way through got, saliva in my mouth- an indication of Qu (Chi) running
L. J. Santa Rosa, Ca

A swirl.I felt extremely dizzy and lots of spinning throughout head space- also internally a lot of shifting. Can hardly speak. Feel powerfully different. We talked and I said thank you repeatedly- they said your welcome repeatedly. They also said We love. Someone said, Nobody’s perfect.
V.B. Sebastopol, Ca

A swirl.I felt a sort of pulsing in my upper body. Then there was a sensation and image of ocean waves washing over me, cleansing me. I had some conversation-a question after something they said to me. Near the end of session breathing slowed again and pulsing stopped. I felt calmer and sighed. Also, near the end of session I was told that they were also working on female organs. I knew there was some work or the communication from female organs and pituitary.
C.S. Sebastopol, Ca

A swirl.I felt energy shifting.

A swirl.I experienced a lot of energy moving and very relaxed. Something was experienced but words don’t describe.
N.P. Occidental, Ca

A swirl.The pain in my hip went away while they were working on it. My right leg had a numbness before they fixed my hip. After it the leg felt normal. I had forgotten that I was having trouble with my left ankle. I could feel heat in my ankle and back of my left foot. They even found the bump on my head and worked on it. Thanks for the connection.

Closed my eyes, circular movement, then still, Ron stopped talking, was apprehensive that he had stopped talking, then I was o.k., sounds began, a whizzing sound, eventually it stopped. Ron began talking, clarity, and peacefulness.
L.N. Middletown, CA

A swirl.While walking to check bodies response every thing feels smooth. When I bent over, I was about 3 inches from my toes before session.
Now I can touch my toes. I feel kind of like a dancer. My center of gravity has changed.
C. Z. Santa Rosa, Ca

A swirl.My back and hips feel better. Neck no more pain.
J.P. Aina Haina, HI

A swirl.I feel the energy Neck is much better When walking -I feel a lot more balanced, I feel more grounded. Back being worked on, I could feel the heat. Feels good, more balanced. Skull – much better
L.L. Aina Haina, HI

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Centuries Healing

A swirl.Thanks for the awesome century healing today!! You both are truly heavenly sent to our planet by God to heal us. You are loved and appreciated so much for the beautiful healing work you do! You are beautiful beings. Thanks those on the ship for me for the fantastic work they do too. They are loved, too. Love and Light,
R.A. J. Champaign, Ill

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Group Centuries Healing

A swirl.Energies felt heavier during some centuries than other ones. Many of us felt the energies change during different centuries. Feel much relieve, lighter, happier, and clearer. Thank you for this exceptional healing experience. Amazing!
P.D. W. Ca

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Clearing of the Years Session Emotional Years Clearing

A swirl.I thought I wasn’t remembering things but when I sat down to write about my experience I realized I had seen so much! All the pictures just came flooring in, like a Polaroid picture appearing. So I just typed it all up. In fact, many of the memories were of really fun things and I am so grateful to have seen them again.

At the end of the session, I looked back- I saw this huge pile of stuff, heaps of stuff that I have been through, all piled up, going back for miles.
Don’t know what it all was, but there it was. Just flotsam and jetsam. I am content to leave it there. I seem to have written a lot. Again, thanks so much; I am getting on the phone tonight to start finding others who want the healing.
R.A.J. Champaign, Ill

A swirl.Early today you performed a full emotional clearing and a 10-minute medical healing. Everyone I’ve come in contact with today, has commented about the increase in my vitality. My knees were both healed, as was my hips. My breathing has greatly improved. There is no pain in my heart area, as well as my right temple, which has been painful for many years, after having been hit by a snowball, as a child.You’ve made a believer out of me. I’m thrilled and have shared you with many of my friends. Bless you and all the E.T.s who are working with you and protecting you.
C.D.Yucca Valley, Ca

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Emotional Healing Group Session

A swirl.Some of the ages were dramatic, others were unnoticed or smooth. I yawned several times before Ron and Angelie and several times after.
his was a release of energy. We went from feeling tired to playful to more childlike. It was wonderful experience.
L.B. Sedona, AZ

A swirl.72 years old, very freeing- my body continued to become looser and looser and younger and younger and I felt happy but sleepy at the completion, also hungry.
S.E. Sedona AZ

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One-Hour Physical Group Session

A swirl.Spine, brain, blood change, caused my breathing to be “better” “ feel good”, felt looser, in spine and shoulders and breathing felt warm. Skin- detoxing areas, which stung, burn felt much relieved.
S.E. Sedona, AZ

A swirl.Many energy shifts, jerking, felt taller, scoliosis being worked with.
R.S. & S.T. Sedona, Az

A swirl.Thank you for our group healing the other night. The pain and constriction of range of motion in my hands and wrists has lessened and my neck has improved some more. My chiropractor (in her words) stabilized after almost a year of her treatment. She said she had feared the vertebra would never stabilize in one area.

After having the ship healing my joints worked on during the healing, I have much less popping and cracking when I exercise, and a persistent catch at the base of my skull is almost gone. I feel much better. Thank you so much. Love,
L.K. Santa Rosa, Ca

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Healing Tune up Session Soft energy

A swirl.I could feel them working on my head. I would like to be an E.T. Dr. Please!
T.P. G. S. Colorado

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Healing Tune up Session

A swirl.Jaw tremors at beginning, some muscle twitches/upper body/mostly neck. Then back tension/pain less, gradual improvement.

A swirl.Feels like a session in cranial sacral work. I felt energy in the head area. I could feel my digestive tract start to change.
L.Z. Santa Rosa, Ca

A swirl.I felt energy running up and down my body as soon as I was on the ship. It lasted the whole time. I talked to them in my mind and they sweared
that also went on the whole time. A whole conversation. I was telling them every thing I need help with.
Y.H. Oakland, Ca

A swirl.I saw many bold people, a hallway, a source, Increase in gravity, a chi/as giddy laughter and a reassurance “HE KNOWS”. A balance not positive not negative, a clear neutral.
C.J. C.I., Canada

A swirl.Tingling in right hand. Tingling in heart area.
M.B. Sonoma, Ca

A swirl.Lower back pain gone, feel calmer, feel the energy.
T.W. Santa Rosa, Ca

A swirl.No more pain- from broken hip joint, femur, or head from fractured skull. Warm, happy, good. Felt light, clearer, and more energy.
R.M. O.,WA

A swirl.During my session w/Ron I experienced soft, warm, abundant energy flowing thru my body. It felt almost tangible; energy w/directed intension and intelligence. I knew I had problems w/my internal organs. I was diagnosed has having a growth which was dissolved and I could feel in the palm of my hand. It feels like my organs have been cleansed.
J.B. Ventura.Ca

A swirl.Very good experience; the hip feels much better. I am glad to participate with this procedure and thank the powers of the Space People with Ron’s help. My feelings are hard to explain because I have a hard time feeling anything.
E.B. Sun City, AZ

A swirl.I felt a buzzing back of my head-pain disappeared in thighs after they did slight heat at my thigh area. Small presser in the back of head - felt slight heat in liver area! Thank You,
J.B. Sun City, AZ

A swirl.The pain in my hip went away while they were working on it. My right leg had numbness before they fixed my hip. After it the leg felt normal.
I had forgotten that I was having trouble with my left ankle. I could feel heat in my ankle and arch of my left foot. They even found the bumps on my head and worked on it. Thanks for the connection.
C.S. Bismarck, ND

A swirl.E.T. Ron has a wonderful connection to this amazing group of loving and powerful beings- You will love it!
K.B. S. AZ

A swirl.Energy in hands, calmness.
G.O. Sedona AZ

A swirl.Feeling energy flow to my calves, and feet, warm flow in my gut….
P.C. Sedona, AZ

A swirl.I sensed a lot of heat when working on the lungs. Saw a lot of purple and pink with energy. Saw a busy small worker, large head, and one that looked like the tin men in the wizard of oz.
R.L. Sedona, AZ

A swirl.Peace!
S.J. Sedona, Az

A swirl.Body jerks, energy buzzing- mostly upper body- then especially hands, energy changes in throat, neck, back, and chest.
S.L. T. Sedona, AZ

A swirl.Felt immediate intervention in my right lower quadrant (perhaps intestines or colon). Then other warm E-energy.
S.E. Sedona, AZ

A swirl.Sense that I am taller, calm.The burning in my back is gone on the left side.
A.B. Phoenix AZ

A swirl.I feel happy and relaxed and thankful. Thank you.
S. E. Sonoma, Ca

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