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A brief and telling explanation of twin flame and home base.

Sample clearings, healings and energies:

Entities released; spirit integrated back into your body; first six chakras alligned and openned; mind to heart drop; emotional, feeling, mental, pain, trauma, anxiety body clearings; practiced 'I now increase my life force energy'; energy cording releases to and from the six chakras; cording disconnect from the planet;

Topics discussed:

Explained why the word 'lightship' is used; explained the circumstances you lose spirit and how other entities come into you; explained the difference between creation energy and god energy; what the energies in a church are; explained how emotions in you recycle in your life; why your body fails; mind shatter and the mental body; explained what soul mates are; explained the contracts you have with those people; how your spirit is forced to have a spiritual contract unbeknowing to you; what it means for you; explained twin flame energy and home base energy; explained what you could experience at home base; explained how the dark side has mimicked the home base; explained 'I now increase my life force energy' as a practice to run more spirit energy inside you; how life force energy can protect you; explained what energetic cordings are; explained mind energies; how conecting to darkside practitioners may lose your soul;

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