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Sample clearings, healings and energies:

Entity release performed; emotional, feeling, mental and sensory body clearings done; mind to heart drop performed; release of all cording to a person who gives you a psychic attack; 'I now increase my lifeforce energy' exercise done; mind loop clearing performed.

Topics discussed:

What is light energy; what is dark energy; what the dark energies want from us; what is the false light; what pains in the legs usually are; who really heals you when you receive a healing; what will appear next after you have had a healing; why we have past lives; what is the relationship between the emotional body and spirit; what happens to you at birth spiritually; how and why the darkside want you to re-incarnate; how your body stores cellular judgment energy; how people who attack you psychically activate something in you to cause you problems; how that affects your energy; how a thought back to a person who did a psychic attack will re establish the cord; why Jesus came; what the life force energy exercise does for you in the workplace and at home; what having the various bodies cleared will do for the length of your life.

Website discussed:

Whole of life emotional, feeling, mental, sensory and mind loop clearings.


Maree enjoyed an entity release. Joy from Mexico feels relief from a psychic attack by an abusive boss.

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