Ask1 Radio Show January 29, 2009

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Sample clearings, healings and energies:

10 planetary cords released; 10 motherhood resentments released; emotional and feeling bodies cleared; decharging of negative energy on money; life force energy exercise completed; earth entities release; mind to heart drop performed.

Topics discussed:

Who will ascend; what happens to your spirit and body at ascension; what may hold the spirit here, what may hold the body here; what role parrallel universes play in stopping you from ascending; how you go to parrallel universes; why saints have halos; what physical money has attached to it; how to remove something out of your life with a negative affirmation; how the affirmation releases the energies that arise; why you need to release energy and how long it will remain with you if you don't; what 'plane' the spirit goes off to when you die; what ghosts are; why you should not bother speaking to a person with glossed over eyes.

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