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Sample clearings, healings and releases:

Emotional, feeling, mental and trauma bodies sample clearings completed. Chakra allignment and openning completed. Heart ache and sadness clearings completed. Spirit energy brought back into the heart center. Cording to and from the six chakras was cut.

Sample self empowerment for betraying; by yourself, by your thoughts, by organisations, through mind control (spells and witchcraft)and by alien energies clearing.

'Psychic billboard' clearing for two things you are dealing with.

Release of the emotional body of a person just passed over and return of the energy to the earth spirit.

'I now increase my lifeforce energy exercise command'.

Topics discussed:

If you touch someone they send energetic vibrations or alien energies to you; your life force energy enhances your spiritual energy in your body; 'I now increase my lifeforce energy exercise command' explained; increasing lifeforce energy increases spirit; someone thinking about you is an attack; the thoughts of your ancestors affect the physical body you have; thoughts directed to your heart will cause it to 'turn' or misallign; as you go forward with your life, the darkside can place spells on you merely through other's thoughts; no body can use anyone else's energy; a person who passes on can pass into a person they like and affect the way you act and the way of others; people who come to you for emotional help come to you because you have a'psychic billboard' up for them to come to you which will kill your body.

Website discussed:

Auric field protection. Self empowerment ; psychic billboard.

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