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Healings and releases:

Entity release; extreme anxiety body release; peace energy brought through; mind to heart drop; psychic cording to and from your six major chakras disconnected; release of unwanted person's energy in you; allignment and openning of all six chakras; heart ache energy release; mental mind loop clearing; spirit energy returned and cleared off.

Topics discussed

Be in your heart to speak to your spirit; you can ask your spirit to show you things, for example through your third eye; you can address your spirit using your own name; many think they are speaking to their spirit but they are speaking to others because they are in their mind; psychic attacks, cording and spells; all clearings are made through your spirit; people attach to the front side (your permission) backside(attach without permission); spirit leaves through trauma, fear,anxiety - eyes become glossed over; entity clearings affect mood swings; when they leave you either feel 'normal'or 'wow'; very few entities make you feel happy; you could have a whole household of entities coming in; entities body hop and stay up to your whole lifetime; churches use the term 'depossession' 'casting out demons' which are entities; they do not take out shadow bodies or shape shifters; a shape shifter is an alien lifeform - eg their eyes change colour; a shadow body is an alien body that is a remote controlled body that looks like you as a cloned body designed to take you out and replace you; once they see a space in you they come into you; the low vibration of their energy wounds the spirit and energy is stolen.

Website discussed:

Darkside practitioner; Self empowerment


Karen - A clear shift and lightening of negative energies - 'unburdoned'. Another caller - The planetary and stars clearing had a great impact.

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