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Sample clearings, healings and energies:

Clearings related to halloween - earthly entities clearing; devil entities clearing; witch entities released; ghost release; disfigured entity release; spider entity release; spirit integration; fear, anger and anxiety body clearing; abuse, regret, betrayal, unloved feeling clearing; cording release - anger and anxiety around you clearing; mind control clearing from different countries visited; cording release - sexual; heart ache clearing; headache clearing; chakra allignment; peace energy brought through.

Topics discussed:

What tingles during a healing mean; what wearing a halloween mask will bring into you; why the lightship will not give you empowerment; what it takes away, what is left for you to work on with your spirit; how being overseas may make you encounter other energy patterns from other extra terrestrials; why ship-clouds hug mountains; what it is at night if you move around a lot or feel pins; what behaviour patterns or addictions are caused by; why healers die generally before the age of 60; Ron being 'plugged' in 24/7;

Website discussed:

Auric field protection; Self empowerment; alien attack removal; heart ache clearing.

'All clearings can be used for others as well as you.'

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