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Water activation - goldfish energy.

Sample clearings, healings and energies:

Emotional, feeling, mental, fear, anger, trauma body clearings; self sabotage clearing; entity clearing of the emotional body of someone you continue to remember; release of animal energies who have passed; cording release; chakra allignment, oipenning and repositioning.

Topics discussed:

The false light; discussed light and dark energy; time and out of time; discussed healings and the clearing out of dark energy from your blue print; how the mind interfers with you getting the clearings you need; how names, addresses, numbers etc connect to you to control you; discussed DNA and clearings; discussed relationships and the use of the energy of the other; relationships and living in the mind; discussed underlying themes in relationships; how judgements get stored in the body; what the emotional body has to deal with; discussed emotional and heart energy and the features of both; why the energy inside of you from a person can influence you when seeking a healing; how prays for you hook you up.

Website discussed:

Body rejuvenation; Self empowerment; natal barcode clearing; emotional wholelife healing.

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