BBS Radio Show April 11, 2009

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Special samples of oxygen show. Water charging with oxygen for breathing and sinuses.

Healing and Releases:

Sinus and breathing clearing. Oxygen 7, 78, 52, 14, 23, 68; Entities with sinus condition release, spirit brought back in, disconnection from parents energy;

Creationlightship: (will not work on the archives)

Oxygen 50,7,23,77,32,34,14 ; gums and teeth and nose checked; detoxification; back massage, toes, temples, lymphatic system. Down the white light tunnel.

Topics discussed:

Light of the darkness; the light does not force re incarnation, need to make space to bring in more spirit by removing densities, seeing Jesus in a near death experience is a product of the darkness; heaven is a duality, angels you see are of the mind and you attract them to you; the machinations of the darkness is designed to keep you here and maintain the broad level of consciousness; the CLS has unlimited oxygens; mind energy is very powerful; spirit only stays with you in love otherwise it leaves, think with your heart; there is no law in spirit just love; your spirit can have entities on it; how many alien life forms have you connected to; the light does not bring angels, Jesus at the foot of the bed or anything to you - you already have it; divine love has no characteristics; the light being will never connect with you through the mind; the light never created mind as proposed by New Age - body mind spirit; the process you want is 'body...spirit'; body to become more filled with spirit - body one with spirit; Jesus is no longer here; whole congregations that pray for you hook you up to the darkside; flowers or animals created on the CLS are a different consciousness.

Webpage discussed:

Alien abduction; Conference calls

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