BBS Radio Show April 21, 2010

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Sample Clearings, Healings and Releases:

Entities; emotional and mental bodies; Mind to Heart drop; heartache; anxiety; abandonment; self sabotage; neck pain 600 – 500 year (from genetic line); Buddhism and Catholicism; 2 Parallel lifetimes; spirit out and in through feet; spirit brought in to fill space left from religion clearings.

Topics discussed:

The frequency of your spirit

Can revisit 7 generational clearing more than once if needed; clearings appropriate for dying or deceased loved ones; Buddhism and karma; effects of religious beliefs in past incarnations and of our ancestors; Ron describes what he sees during the Catholicism clearing; Life Force Energy exercise described; Sylvia describes experiences while on the archives; parallel lifetimes; blocked versus unblocked energy; your spirit's frequency: Earth's spirit.

Web Clearings described: 7 generational; Alien Death Bar Code; Spirit Bar Code.

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