BBS Radio Show April 24, 2010

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Sample clearings, healings and releases:

Emotional and mental body sample clearing and Heart drop was performed. Entity release. The circulatory healing energy was performed off the lightship for 15 minutes. Sample poverty clearing for this lifetime; mercury planetary clearing; magnetic bodies twisted then untwisted; jellyfish, octopus, maggot, black snakes,squid, mosquitos, ants, small white snakes energies, worms, black widow energies released.

Oxygen 27 brought in from the CLS.

Creation Lightship:

Golden waterfall energy room, pain release room, dolphin energy room, bee room, centrefuge (energy of lack), white light energy, elephants room, quarrantine room - to remove energies (octopus), spirit created room, body temperature adjust room, CLS choir room.

A circulatory healing done on the CLS. Returned to the CLS for gangrine in a foot for a caller.

Topics discussed:

As Jesus said your faith heals you; how the darkside abducts us and puts things in our veins and arteries, the circulatory healing takes the implants off of you; how judgment energy separates us from the divine; how placement of consciousness in the heart makes it impossible to enter judgement energy; how the darkside imprinted over many lifetimes; need to get away from belief systems which are self fulfilling; why you being only a small part in your body limits your healing; your magnetic bodies are turned inside your body so you cannot relate to your true energy; are octopus energies the energies that steal your life force energies; can they put a cloned part into your body; does the light have a hierarchy; how the CLS tries to find you in parrellel life times; what to do if we have a shadow body come forward in a conversation with someone.

Website discussed:

Circulatory system healing.

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