BBS Radio Show December 13, 2006

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Ron Amitron introduces himself, the creationlightship, its purpose and what is meant by ascension and the ascension process.

Sample clearings, healings and energies:

Emotional healing of the six chakras front and back - 5 years clearing; trauma clearing for an event through the six chakras; past lives clearing - 1900 back to 1600 chakras reset to zero charge; entity clearing and spirit retrieval.

Creation lightship:

Body scan; discussion with the doctors; procedure room; hot tub rooms; dolphin room; physical body pain release room; orientation room.

Topics discussed:

The one source energy; the division into two and the 12 creation energies or attributes; the creation lightship and the creation purpose; spirit and your body; judgement and ascension; the knowledge held by your spirit; ascension and Jesus; what can make your spirit leave your body; what will prevent your spirit coming back into your body; why people do not heal; what the emotional body is; what are the densities that need to be cleared; Ron and bi - location; what is the highest dimension of consciousness; why the earth did not leave last time; how many different races will come to this planet now; what holds the blue prints of all sentient beings; Ron explains his healing process; being reborn in spirit; the New Age 'thoughts create your reality' and what 'thoughts' really are; how many races exist on the lightship; can a pain in an earlier life time heal your spirit and heal your body; why your body when healed should feel heavier.


Testimonial given for the emotional whole life clearing.

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