BBS Radio Show December 3, 2007

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Reclaiming your own self energy


Healings and Releases:

An entity clearing, chakra allignment and heartdrop was performed. Chakra release of energies corded to you and from you (last 5 days); cording to things you connect to; release of the energy in all photos of you; release from 3 planet cordings as it relates to an injured area; increase of life force energy exercise.

The 12 creation energies were brought through.

Topics discussed:

What the upcoming ascension means to us; what cordings are; what they work with; the power of thoughts; that thinking about someone will bring their energy into your room; how there is no difference in good or bad energy in a certain context; how a person giving you a thought projects residual emotions of the person; if you feel an effect in the releases performed you have been corded; how we may cord to things other than humans draining us of energy eg collectors; how the connection may be related to a previous life; how this helps psychics find persons the energy they cord to an object; how the spirit is affected if you tie to something; the earth is disconnecting itself from objects here so it can ascend after regaining it's spiritual energy; how things you make or invest yourself into has your energy in it; how the energies you feel in crystals is being withdrawn by the earth spirit; how the auras on trees and mountains are being withdrawn; the cording of planets to you to take energy; how the planets use mind control to control you; how pre natal charts are designed to control you; how the planet cordings affect injuries and organs; how this is a prison planet; how your spirit does not know where it's home base energy is; how the four in one clearing will give you the twin flame energy; what this energy really is; how to regain your spiritual integrity ; that the saints and angels have left; that only angels holding 100% of light are working with the lightship; how those that cannot hold 100% light will no longer exist; how masters and angels must come to you in your heart center; how you are basically the same frequency unlike New Age teachings; how Archangel Michael will not come to you because it doesn't work that way; how your frequency is that of the lightship and you connect to the lightship through your heart; how words in the bible are designed to trigger DNA in you for the darkside to come into you; how the life force energy exercise trains your body for the return of spirit; how at ascension the energy the mind will be no longer there will only be heart energy.

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