BBS Radio Show February 17, 2010

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Sample clearings, healings and energies:

Spirit then physical body emotional, feeling, pain, mental body clearings performed; mind to heart drop; entity clearing performed; creationlightship defence ship brought in; parrallel lifetime be here now commanded; black widow spider energies released; octopus energies released; energy of buddha brought in - light of the darkness then from the light; negativity of Ash Wednesday cleared; parrallel life time - cloned earth and body cleared; energy of Quon Yen brought through; heart break clearing performed; peace energy brought through.

Topics discussed:

How the healings work, what the lightbeings do; those seeking the light and how the darkside ensnares people searching for the light; how the alien attack page works; how light is offered to the alien race attacking you; does this earth spirit cord other planets and the physical body of people and things; are you energetically connected to the earth; planets of the light and darkness, why are beings shown on Ron's website for the various so called masters; when does an illusion become real; when you ask the creationlightship for help what do they send; how is your spirit involved; speaking in tongues and damage done to people's blue prints; do animals and other things manifest on this planet (excluding alien energies) have a spirit; what is the ascension process.

Website discussed:

Alien attack page; darkside practitioner clearing.

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