BBS Radio Show February 19, 2010

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Sample clearings, healings and energies:

Heart to mind drop performed; listeners taken out of time momentarily; space holders brought in for listeners to experience a sense of spirit up to 100% in their body; darkness into light clearing performed.

Topics discussed:

Ascension, aliens and darkness; is there a higher self, is what you are after outside yourself; what is the light of the darkness; is there karma, spiritual lessons and New Age metaphysics; why does Ron talk against the aliens; are they being controlled too; does your spirit need to be in your body fully for ascension; is the light already with you; does it channel through angels etc; is the universal mind from the light; should you go into your heart; websites and energies coming through a screen; earth and programmes in time; are aliens from the galactic federation competing for you; should you place the names of races in the alien attack page to see if you have relief; can channellers rely on what they have been told who they are dealing with; are the energies of the bible - time energies; how do light beings and the creation lightship heal you; soul contracts,vows and karma; why would your spirit set up spirit contracts; do you have the consciousness not to agree to a darkside plan for you.

Website discussed:

Emotional and spirit body clearing for passed loved ones; water activation; whole life emotional clearing; alien death barcode.

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