BBS Radio Show February 24, 2010

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Sample clearings, healings and energies:

Emotional, feeling, trauma, mental bodies cleared; listeners put in time of yesterday and the day before and then returned; entity clearing and spirit brought back into the body; circulatory clearing samples; chakra clearing and openning performed; heart ache clearing; moved blocked energy in the chest area; hear now performed; matrix disconnection for the mind performed.

Topics discussed:

Time; can the light go backwards and forwards; re incarnation, earthly contracts, soul families; what is the spirit here for; is your body basically unconscious; your spirit and its efforts to make you heal; if the light is in the now does it know what you are going through if you don't bring the issues forward; does the lightship judge its creations; are all your trials in life going to be passed on to your children if you don't clear them out; are we in a false universe; do you know if you are not with your spirit; can your spirit be drawn to an off planet place; can the mind energy be anywhere; should we try to get rid of the mind energy; why the emotional clearing is important to clear energies from previous life experiences; if you have not been attacked by a dark side practitioner what would happen to our 108 bodies; what can the darkside do to you if you choose darkness over light.

Website discussed:

Circulatory clearing; 4 in 1 clearing; matrix disconnection clearing; the order of barcode removals to avoid darkside ascension - spirit barcode, abduction barcode, ascension barcode, mind matrix barcode - also death barcode and circulatory clearing; alien attack removal.

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