BBS Radio Show February 3, 2010

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Sample clearings, healings and energies:

Emotional body clearing; addictions clearing performed; entities released from addiction; parrallel life time clearing performed; mind to heart drop performed; darkside program of gravity taken away, the infiltration of the darkness into the earth spirit taken away; octopus energies released; peace energy brought through.

Topics discussed:

Water charging; emotions, judgments and ageing; levitation, time and darkness; does the light promote itself; is your spirit very powerful; different energies of light and what we are now missing; is the enhancement of a belief a darkness energy; does the light just do; pictures, lacking of energy and frequencies of persons you are drawn to; emotional clearing and water charging for moles; the generation of thought forms (see further BBS show August 28, 2009); can the mercury in our teeth be neutralised; cellular memory, past life trauma, re-living the traumas of your ancestors; does love energy have emotion or feeling to it; how the energy of you is charged into a picture; how the process identifies what you are lacking; video games and mind programming; Noah's Ark story - Ron's consciousness with Jesus; protection from entities; can the light judge itself; will you need to continue to call your spirit back into your body; if you completely lived in peace would you feel peace energy.

Website discussed:

Water charging; body regeneration clearing; emotional whole life clearing; self empowerment clearing; circulatory clearing.

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